#33 — Nevermind

08 April 2019 | Posted by Zackary

Exactly 25 years ago last Friday, humanity mourned the passing of one of its greatest idols. Out of nowhere, he took the world no sooner said than done, probably without really wanting to. From the American Northwest that saw him grow up, he found himself pinned on the walls of all teenagers born before the advent of Microsoft, religiously copying his style…

Better than anyone else, Kurt Cobain embodies the 1990s and their irreverence. Unbeknownst to him, he shaped the contours of an aesthetic that would occupy a prominent place in fashion — and the Instagram accounts that recycle a young Winona Ryder photos.

So, what links does the catwalk have with grunge? In what way does it constitute a rupture compared to all the cultures that preceded it? What pieces to bet on for a wardrobe capturing the spirit of it? Why is Nirvana’s leader always an icon? To what does he still owe such an aura today?

If you think I’m a fan boy, consider yourself lucky that Madonna is still with us… •


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