A wardrobe for two: the unisex selection

15 February 2019 | Posted by Zackary

I am capable of many things for those I care about: listening to an uninteresting story to the end; accepting to pick up the phone when I’m tired; not saying anything to that crying friend leaving snot on my jumper… No, really, I’m a little Mother Theresa of my own!

Yet, this great generosity has its limits. Ask me to lend you one of my bags or, worse, my favourite coat, and you’ll leave empty-handed. The great gestures speak for themselves, opening your wardrobe to another person is undoubtedly the greatest proof of love. Thank God I’m single.

In order to help couples who would like to take this last step before children, we are looking at pieces designed by unisex fashion labels. To be worn alone or with a partner.

Warm and soft at the same time, we’re falling for the Sherpa sweater of One DNA, a brand specialized in the creation of non-gendered basics. Its camel shade makes it easy to match, while its zip reminiscent of the sweaters of the 90s gives it a vintage flair. Also available in black (approx. 200 € – “I’m broke” version available here.)

Heading for South Korea with BLINDNESS. Through its name, the brand thus claims its inability to see any difference between genres. Based on an aesthetic that borrows from the codes of classic menswear, it stands out for its implacable price-quality ratio, especially on its former collections. Count only 55 € for this oversized wool and angora turtleneck.

Still at BLINDNESS, we are looking at this interpretation of the suit trousers, whose colour and fluidity twist the formalism. High-waisted, it will highlight the silhouette, and will be perfect worn with a simple t-shirt on days when you don’t want to do too much. (approx. 120 €.)

In the same vein, but at a completely different price range, Rad Hourani combines genderless fashion with elegance. As a designer, director and visual artist, he puts neutrality at the heart of all his projects, drawing a sober and unadorned look. Our little favorite: the navy blue robe-overcoat(approx. 830 € – “I’m broke” version available here.)

A leading figure in the no-gender movement in South Africa, RICH MNISI’s streetwear is winning more and more supporters across the Atlantic. A testament to this growing success, he nailed a collaboration with Coca-Cola, a small Grail in itself in the field. Among other things, you will find this printed jacket, to match with jeans that have already had a good life. (approx. 110 € – “I’m broke” version available here.)

Another Korean label, AGENDER’s universe is imbued with the American way of life. With inspirations ranging from the streets of New York to the Harvard campus, he will succeed in satisfying all tastes. On the positive side, colour is often used, whether you want a yellow sweatshirt or a brick shirt. (approx. 74 €.)

“Not for you — for everyone”, says Telfar. Founded in New York almost 15 years ago, the brand is one of the precursors of gender fluid streetwear. Rich of its hip hop culture, it keeps on reinventing its standards, like this bimaterial baggy that automatically brings attitude to a look. (approx. 245 €.)

A more refined evolution of fanny packs, the belt bag is in line with the utility trend we talked about recently. This biker style model is available at The Phluid Project, the very first concept store entirely dedicated to gender fluid fashion. Opening its doors in the Big Apple in 2017, it aims at creating a space of discussion that goes beyond simple clothing, with workshops and exhibitions. As long as it still creates accessories that will keep me from losing my keys in parties, that’s fine with me…. (approx. 40 €.)

The particularity of Escentric waters is based on a molecule, the Iso E Super, which reacts to your skin to adapt the fragrance. With 65% of the magic ingredient in their Edition 01, it is the guarantee of an absolutely unique smell. (120 € per 100 ml.)

After clothing and perfumery, it was only a matter of time before no gender cosmetics also arrived. Among the few players who are building this market, CONTEXT stands out for the breadth of its range, covering both skin and hair care. According to the brand’s fans, the black coal mask is impressive… (approx. 40 € – © Holly Parker.)

While the gender fluid trend now extends to all dimensions of fashion, there is still room for improvement in one area in particular: shoes, as long as we are not talking about sneakers. An evolution that we intend to follow closely… •

Hugh Hefner's and Donatella Versace's love child, I am the visible half of the duo behind ZACKARIUM. Addicted to fashion and to Lucky Strike, my mission is to guide you smoothly through the jungle of brands and catwalks.

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