Putting a twist on streetwear

24 March 2019 | Posted by Zackary

After having established itself as the ultimate aesthetics, the catwalk world is gradually beginning to move away from streetwear, or at least trying to readapt it. The fault lies in its over-representation, which has ended up saturating some designers by losing its essence…

Yet, we would be wrong to totally throw it away. Comfortable, it also embodies a form of nonchalance of its own, at once impertinent, rebellious and modern. An idea that can be used in casual looks as well as to build more formal outfits.

If streetwear suffers from its omnipresence, opting for models with a little something could well be the solution. In other words, forget about the Stan Smiths that everyone has been wearing for five years. Ignore the hype labels that will close in a few months. Instead, we have our heart set on these 9 pieces, whose twist will bring a unique touch to your interpretation of street style…

For Y/Project,  bold inserts and volumes are trademarks. Two strands of its DNA found in this sweatshirt leaning on a linen base, above which is layered a body of thick cotton fleece. The different colours remain harmonious and easy to match, while the gathers add structure to the silhouette. (590 €)

Monse is a small New York label best known for its work on the formal shirt, endlessly reinvented. The brand, making the choice of a 100% made in USA production, also features some streetwear references, including this red top with cut-outs. The lacerations would almost resemble a brutal cutter’s blow, while creating a sort of drape. A piece that can be worn with jeans or skirts, guaranteeing the right amount of casualness. (348 € — “I’m broke” version available here; we let you manage for the pair of scissors…)

At the head of Valentino, Pierpaolo Piccioli is one of the designers drawing an alternative streetwear, oscillating between tradition and urban, sometimes technical, notes. For these track-suit trousers, he rehabilitates a pattern used by the Italian house in the 70s, taking care to keep a sleeker cut. They can be combined with a shirt or hoodie, a classic overcoat as well as a perfecto. The two burgundy stripes flirt with sportswear heritage, but also refer to the details of the tuxedo pants. In short, it’s a flawless one. (approx. €1020 — “I’m broke” version available here.)

In another vein, Danielle Cathari, a young American designer spotted by Adidas, is making joggers her signature piece. Flattering thanks to its high waist, we turn to this nude model, simply enhanced with a braid along the leg. To draw on days when we don’t feel like making too much effort. (150 €)

The bomber quickly established itself as one of streetwear’s emblematic pieces. From the military version to its destructured counterpart, the jacket has been turned into a field of stylistic exploration. In this spirit, Matthew Miller is the one we prefer, with his wool bulletproof vest-like one. (603 € — “I’m broke” version available here.)

Back at Monse’s, we actually discover its bomber proposition. Abandoning its shoulders, the garment gains in femininity without separating itself from its distinctive elements. Perfect for a look between Ivy League and Manhattan… (1.871 €)

Since the entry of sneakers into the fashion pantheon, several brands have tried to cross them with other types of shoes. From the tennis-brogue to Chuck Taylors with stiletto heels, there are countless unnatural models that should never have seen the light of day. In this matter, it is better to avoid hybrid hybrids… except the Gucci Flashtrek, which borrow the structure of the hiking boot. (980 €)

In mini size, Valentino changes the backpack into a handbag, playing with originality on the format of the accessory. Thanks to its studded denim, it will be the ideal companion for casual outfits, or can subtly contrast an evening look.(1.600 €)

On the other hand, J.W Anderson chose to work on exaggerated proportions for his collaboration with Gilbert & George (duo of visual artists, editor’s note). While he leaves them to develop a candid stained-glass motif, the British signs a bold piece that, on its own, would suffice to dress any outfit. (1.950 €)

The street is yours, dominate by your style… •

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