I was about 16 or 17 the first time I heard about Prozac. A friend of mine at the time, whom we will simply call M., had been put on treatment after yet another depression. Little by little, she had started to talk again, to go out. She had even discovered a new taste for fashion – although not very fitting, but that’s another story… Anyway, somehow her little pills had calmed her down.

College buddies, co-workers, neighbors, relatives… If definitively no one else was dressing like M., I quickly understood that she was far from being the only one swallowing magic pills… and that not all people consumed them for medical reasons.

Surprisingly, it is still reprehensible to smoke a joint in public, where relaxing with a good old Xanax is accepted. We fear the flu vaccine, while taking opiates per platelet. So, whether our inclination is bad or good, justified or not, how much are pills part of our world?

We're running the investigation, just relax… •

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