Have we ever seen a romantic comedy about a gigolo who finds love in his client? An issue of Nightline devoted to escort boys? Hear men being called “whores”?

When we look around us, the sidewalk is an area that we tend to imagine occupied by women only. A false idea corroborated by the figures, almost non-existent as soon as one does not speak of the Nigerians of the Vincennes wood. If there are indeed fewer male prostitutes than their female counterparts, the man selling his body still exists.

Since the advent of Google, he is essentially to be found on the Internet. Self-employed, he has almost become an entrepreneur like the others — except that being your own merchandise is rarely well regarded… From then on, it becomes difficult to draw general conclusions about those who live under the radar of illegality.

I had the chance to talk to one of those business men. After all, who better than the first concerned to enlighten us…?

(Credits: Museum of Fine Arts – Bordeaux City Hall. Cliché L. GAUTHIER, F. DEVAL)
Can you introduce yourself?

I call myself Leo. I’m 26, I live in Paris and I’ve been an escort boy for two years now

How did you get started?

To be honest with you, it was a fantasy. The idea excited me: to be so desirable that people would want to pay to sleep with me. I’ll admit there’s a part of ego in all this. I tried, and I liked it.

What did you like? The realization of your fantasy, or the money recovered in the end?

A combination of the two! Your question is a bit like asking me if I prefer my father or my mother. Money, pleasure… The two form an inseparable duo, each feeding the other.

Can you tell me about your clients?

I’m bisexual, so I have both male and female clients. After that, the profiles are very different… Among men, most are with women. Dads who got married without assuming they were fags. There are rich and poor, really…

For women, it’s different. Basically, there are two kinds. First, the 40-year-old who succeeded professionally. She’s either married or single, but mostly overworked. Then the rich 60-year-old cougar, widow or divorced. Then, there are always exceptions.


Yes, of course. For example, one of my clients started seeing me when she managed to separate from her boyfriend, after months of marital rape. She wanted to learn to love her body again, to rediscover her sexuality without the pressure that a classic relationship could bring. The fact that I was “at her service” (Leo himself mimes the quotation marks) reassured her, it was she who decided the rhythm.

How do you feel in this sort of situation?

It’s a little confusing, that’s for sure. The first time, she cried as she undressed… But I realized I had a real part to play. I supported her beyond sex. Today, she has a full sexual life, and it’s a little thanks to me!

It proves that we’re not just perverts or drug addicts, as many people think. As an escort, I really had the opportunity to help.

Do some clients simply contact you to accompany them to events?

Never. Every time one took me to dinner, we ended up at the hotel.

Is that your only source of income?

Since a few months, yes.

How much do you make each month?

Let’s just say I live very well… •

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