E! is a weekend go-to TV channel, or the one you watch after a long day at work. From the Keeping Up with the Kardashians marathons to episodes of WAGS (“wives and girlfriends of sports stars”, editor’s note), all its programs seem made to disconnect and rest our brain.

In an unusual register, E! has just added a new show to its schedule: Citizen Rose, following artist and activist Rose McGowan. Far from the glitter-sex-arguments cocktail to which we are generally entitled, let’s look at the most committed reality show today…

The portrait of a survivor

Rose McGowan is one of Harvey Weinstein‘s many victims, but was also a fierce ally of the New Yorker during its investigation — despite all the pressure. In other words, it is partly thanks to her that the magnate’s crimes are finally revealed.

Since the case began, McGowan has regularly spoken out against whom she calls “the monster,” while calling attention to a systemic culture of sexual harassment. A figure of the #MeToo movement, she campaigns for an awakening of consciences… and hopes that her series contributes to that.

Rose McGowan with Tarana Burke, founder of the #MeToo movement, at the Women’s Convention in Detroit. October 2017. (Credits: AP / Paul Sancya)

An unpretentious look

The cameras follow McGowan into post-Weinstein days, as soon as the scandal breaks. The spectator accompanies her in meetings with the journalist Ronan Farrow, the promotion of her book Brave, her interviews tour… but also enters her intimacy.

The program leaves an important part to the healing process of the one we once knew as Paige from Charmed. Entering her therapy sessions, it shares her fears and doubts, reminding us how difficult this journey can be.

Without instructions to advance in her struggle, we discover a sensitive woman, building a path the best she can — without falling into the trap of the providential heroine. This is undoubtedly the greatest asset of Citizen Rose, who is interested in the complexity of her character as much as that of her fight. If the show basically doesn’t provide any answers, it has the merit of encouraging us to ask the right questions… •

Citizen Rose, broadcast every Thursday night on E!.

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