The modest fashion trend is gaining more and more importance, so much that brands – all ranges combined – are now specialising in this market.

The rule is always the same: clothes that remain trendy, without revealing the curves of the person wearing them. A principle on which, with a little research, we can also manage to find at mainstream labels.

Garments that respond to only one dogma at the end of the day: style…

The advantage of a dress? Just put it on and the outfit is almost complete. For more lightness, choose a floral model. The retro cut is in line with the current trend, where its pattern is well suited to the summer that is finally coming. (Isabel Marant model“I’m broke” version here.)

In the same spirit of practicality, but in a completely different style, long live the jumpsuit. Here bright red, it will be self-sufficient. Here, it’s mostly your shoes that will give it the final boost: pumps for an enhanced femininity, boots to highlight the 70’s take, and sneakers for easy days.(Norma Kamali model.“I’m broke” version here.)

Let’s play it “working girl” with this blazer-style top. Although inspired by menswear, the fabric is light and the overall line remains thin, especially with the belt that emphasizes the waist. Depending on your degree of “modesty”, you may wear it alone or with a shirt underneath. (Derek Lam model“I’m broke” version here.)

Despite restrictions on cuts, no precept of modest clothing relates to colors or patterns. Without the slightest scruple, one gives up to the sirens of these perfectly executed leopard trousers. The little extra? Its length flattering the ankle, to wear with absolutely all types of shoes. (Dolce & Gabbana model.“I’m broke” version here.)

Amrapali necklace. Who says you can’t be bling and modest at the same time? •

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