While Paris, Milan, London and New York remain undeniably the epicenter of fashion, we see more and more cities launching their own fashion week.

Europe is armoured from Lisbon through Stockholm to Kiev. Across the Atlantic, fashion shows bloom twice a year in Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Buenos Aires and Toronto. Same in Asia, with a special mention to the experimental laboratory that is Tokyo.

On the African side, several attempts were initiated, without ever really meeting success… Until Lagos’ fashion week in Nigeria.

A new turning point

Particularly modern, Lagos is one of the richest cities in Africa — a fertile ground for the development of an industry based on luxury and creation.

Although it appeared in 2011, its fashion week really hatched last April. Now sponsored by Heineken and its large budgets, it can count on the support of a major godmother: Naomi Campbell.

The top perfectly fulfills her function. She shares every detail with more than 5,000,000 Instagram subscribers, gets publications in VOGUE columns, enlists the model Imaan Hammam and inflames the podium with her legendary walk. Never, since its creation, has the event reached such an exhibition.

Naomi Campbell at the Kluk CGDT show. (Credits: Sunday Alamba via Shutterstock.)

Creators to follow

Paris and London regularly organize events dedicated to African creators, but none can compete with this one’s creativity. This is all the more important because it is held directly on the continent, which is given the means to do so.

Lagos’ fashion week — also called the Arise Fashion Week — thus pursues a form of African style affirmation, while allowing it to be exported abroad. Whether they give in the masculine or the feminine, we look at the names that should soon make waves…

Lanre Da Silva: the label with couture accents

Lanre Da Silva is undoubtedly one of the most prominent African brands. Spotted by Dolce & Gabbana and dubbed by VOGUE Italia, the designer brilliantly blends the influences inherited from her origins with an important work on fabrics and construction.

A little extra: ignoring “decorum”, transparency and cleavage are often the order of the day.

(Credits: Lanre Da Silva)

Lisa Folawiyo: an African twist

Lisa Folawiyo‘s credo? Taking all the most western pieces, then divert them by a traditional touch. On the menu: bustiers decorated with jungle patterns, wax blazers, multicoloured combinations, embroidered mini-dresses… A good way to add character to your dressing room.

(Credits : Lisa Folawiyo)

Laurence Airline, between France and Ivory Coast

Under its fake flight name, Laurence Airline offered a 100% male dressing. With great consistency, it offers a hybrid vision, combining Parisian asphalt with the colours of Abidjan. A refreshing way to revisit streetwear. •

(Credits : Laurence Airline)

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