Over the 242 years of its existence, the United States has spent nearly 95% on war — at home and abroad. France is not to be outdone: since the early 1960s, it has spent more than fifty on the front. Meanwhile, the Middle East is still a giant battlefield.

While Bono recalls his commitment to peace during the last U2 concert, Donald Trump withdraws his country from the UN Human Rights Council. Tranquilly safe, we enjoy our situation without thinking too much about it, preferring to stay as far away from conflicts as possible. The last time we were confronted with it? When eating a bag of popcorn watching Dunkirk.

However, is war really absent from our daily lives? How did the soldiers influence the way we dress? When we thought they had disappeared, did the hippies finally find the modern heirs of the Summer of Love? Can art be inspired by that of the belligerents?

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