Miss America 2.0: models without swimsuits

05 July 2018 | Posted by Zackary

I don’t get beauty pagents. The candidates shine more with their silence than their spirit, their evening gowns suggest a secret partnership with Primark, and I never really understood what the winner’s role was — apart from distributing ribbons at a sausage festival.

Yet my roommates wouldn’t miss that kind of show for the world. As for many men, the main reason lies in one word: bikini.

What if the United States, creators of this concept, nevertheless decided to review it? Is a new era beginning in the world of tiar and kitsch?

The post #MeToo storm

Nothing would have happened without the Weinstein scandal.

Until the end of 2017, the Miss America organization is run by a certain Sam Haskell… until some of his old mails surface publicly. Accused of grossophobia, misogyny and sexism — at the same time, don’t you have to be so to run such an enterprise? — he is forced to resign.

To replace him, the TV journalist Gretchen Carlson is called. A leading figure in the #MeToo movement across the Atlantic, she denounces sexual harassment in the media. Consecrated bread for the board of directors, who thus buys itself a feminist credibility. Under her impulse, “the beauty contest becomes a competition, judging the candidates on their skills instead of their looks”



The women washing machine

Before leaving the Fox (by pocketing $20,000,000), Carlson hosts the talk-show Fox & Friends, in which she questions Barack Obama’s origins and the disappearance of the country’s cultural symbols. In other words, a misogynist is replaced by a racist…

The program sells its reboot by emphasizing the skills of the misses, as if their talent for cheerleading or singing had more power to change the stigma of the “weaker sex”. By the way, in her effort to restore her image, Miss America could have been inclusive rather than simply making costume changes. Wouldn’t the program be more in line with its supposed message by accepting participants over the age of 25, people with disabilities or transgender women?

At best, the show will become a falsely intellectual version of America Got Talent with hotties, whose winner will necessarily wear her swimsuit for Miss Universe the following year. Besides, whether they are in a monokini or sweatpants, there is nothing really feminist in judging and ranking 50 women after having made them parade on a catwalk. •

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