The gender neutral wardrobe

13 July 2018 | Posted by Zackary

While the public is increasingly interested in the notion of gender, a movement rejecting the “male/female” binary vision is emerging. Logically, it was only a matter of time before we began to question the way we dress, historically dictated by our sex. In this context, brands claiming to be “gender neutral” are appearing and gaining in importance. Their collections are drawn without taking into account the identity of the wearer, everyone is free to use them.

If one can understand a man’s reluctance to slip into a dress, or a woman’s attachment to her skirts, these labels nevertheless offer an alternative to those who feel excluded from the traditional model. Moreover, neutrality also means versatility. Many of their creations have a design that would simply be called “unisex” if it did not carry a philosophy.

So let yourself be seduced by these 5 items, perfect for days when you don’t want to choose — or to merge your wardrobe with your tender half.

Genderless fashion often plays on volumes. In this spirit, long live the cut of this jumper that exudes comfort and style. It can be worn over tight trousers, or tucked into a wider pair. Its camel colour, luminous, flatters the complexion as a bonus. The little extra? The fabric, 100% camel hair. (Available at One DNA.)

Cutting a pair of unisex jeans is a big puzzle, especially on the hips and crotch. However, Dr Denim permanently proposes a line especially studied to be carried by everyone. Relying more on slim fit, we chose this model for its retro canvas. (Available at Dr Denim.)

More elegant, the blazer is an excellent addition to an androgynous wardrobe. Oversized for more modernity, a light pattern allows it to harmoniously complete a rather simple outfit otherwise. On a formal garment, feel free to add accessories to customize your look. (Available at Wild Fang.)

In a more casual style, the overshirt is a good in-between. On this model, we like the sense of detail: regular stripes, well aligned at the shoulders; patch pockets that reinforce the relaxed side; the shape of the collar. To be worn open on a T-shirt or a white crop top. (Available at Lane FortyFive.)

In 1994, Calvin Klein is one of the first couturiers to perceive the beginnings of a cultural revolution among the youth. Fascinated by this effervescence, he crystallizes it in the perfume ck one, describing it as the “fusion of genders”… •

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