If it wasn’t for art, I would have killed myself a long time ago.

For many, Yayoi Kusama is considered the greatest plastic artist still alive. Born in Japan in 1929, her childhood is troubled by hallucinations. She sees the appearance of “auras”, flowers and huge fields of dots sprouting from the void…

Deeply marked, her head is full of shapes as she settles in the United States of the 60’s. In tune with the counter-culture of the time and the hippie wave, she creates her first life-size installations. In this kind, history will notably remember Grand Orgy to Awaken The Dead: the participants, whose naked bodies she paints with coloured dots, enter the MoMA’s gardens and simulate sexual intercourse with statues.

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One must recognize the artist’s obsession with sex, probably after her mother asks her to spy on her father and his mistresses. However, Kusama’s greatest theme is undoubtedly her search for infinity…

In 1966, she invites herself to the Venice Biennale and presents Narcissus Garden. No less than 1,500 spheres are arranged in front of the Italian Pavilion, forming what she describes as “a kinetic carpet”. Anyone walking it sees his reflection replicated on a mirror without limits. By the way criticizing our obnubilation for ourselves, Kusama proposes to the passers-by to buy a sphere for $2: narcissism is now for sale.

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Mythical, the work is regularly reinstalled since. After Brazil in 2009 and Paris the following year, it makes its return this summer in a former abandoned garage from the Queens. Even more valuable and meaningful in the age of social networks, it is highly likely that swarms of curious people crave for immortalizing it by a selfie, directly shared on Instagram…

As for Yayoi Kusama, she has been willingly living in a psychiatric asylum since the 1970s… from which she only goes out to (re)create. •

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