Standing on the sun: 5 swimsuits to set the beach on fire

01 August 2018 | Posted by Zackary

I wanna go to the beach, sings Iggy Pop. That said, he doesn’t specify that between the humidity that kills your hair, and the sand that ruins your shoes, getting dressed to go to the beach can sometimes turn into a puzzle.

Fortunately, one doesn’t keep his clothes by the water for long — which is no reason to give into flip-flops, let it be said. If the minimum tee-shirt/shorts duo usually does the trick, it’s what you wear to swim that will make the difference.

Our first advice? Remember to crash your friends’ bottle of sunscreen. The second one? Follow the guide…

Inspired by the universe of Baudelaire’s masterpiece Les Fleurs du Mal, the brand of the same name offers creations with a dark and sensual aesthetic. It is no exception for its collection of swimwear, as shown by this python effect bustier that looks more like coming out of a dungeon. Something to make waves… (Fleur du Mal model.)

Many men will probably want to wear their bathing suits directly on the way. If you have to concede to the sirens of ease, try to do it with shorts that don’t seem straight out of an old Beach Boys clip… A vintage design can enhance the simplicity of the look, just like a subtle pattern. Here, the vertical black and white stripes are perfectly in tune.(Ron Dorff model.)

To stay in the “I want to include my suit in my outfit” style — you lazy bastards — look at bikinis with an elaborate top. According to your desire, you can then associate it with ample and fluid trousers, or a long pleated skirt. (Doskii model.)

The towel you lay your slender body on counts almost as much as the suit you wrap it in. It’s time to make way to fantasy, with graphic prints in particular. On the most sophisticated models, one would almost have the impression to lie down on a painting. Become the patron of the beach… (Prada model)

Moschino model. No beachwear selection can be truly complete without some good old budgie smugglers. •

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