Last June, all Parisian marijuana aficionados rushed to the City of Light’s first coffee shop. If French law prohibits any product containing THC — the psychotropic molecule of cannabis — there is a grey zone around its second major component: CBD, which would simply have therapeutic effects. In other words, the venue offers relaxation rather than high… which didn’t prevent it from closing last month, its founder being indicted for “trafficking and provocation to the use of narcotics”.

Yet, France contains 700,000 daily consumers. Over an entire year, 5,000,000 of us smoke at least one pipe, and our teens are among the youngest consumers in Western Europe. Countries legalizing green gold are multiplying, while finding a bag of grass has become as easy as buying a stick of butter.

At a time when luxury brands are starting to manufacture grinders, how has weed infiltrated the world of catwalks? Our closets? 

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