Hemp for a light summer

11 August 2018 | Posted by Zackary

When we talk about hemp clothing — don’t worry, only varieties without psychotropic virtues are used —, the first image that comes to mind vaguely resembles a past-his-time-hippie’s dressing room. An avid marijuana fan, he worships it so much that he actually wears it besides smoking, collecting shapeless canvas pants and tie and dye tee-shirts.

Long given the cold shoulder, the flower power’s flagship material nevertheless offers itself a return in grace. Its main asset? Its unique texture bringing depth to any outfit, male or female. From the bucolic inspirations of its golden age, to the streetwear influences dominating the current collections, here’s a small overview of style seen through the most popular plant in the world.

Hemp can be found where it is not expected: on a sweatshirt. Playing on hippie codes with discolorations and dying, its used aspect evokes more urban asphalt than flower fields. It will be perfect with ripped black jeans, or contrasting under an elegant straight coat. (Our Legacy model.)

In a more retro style, we dive into flared pants. The exaggerated volumes bring plumbness to the silhouette, while being balanced by a high tight waist and a 7/8th length. Even if we’re more attracted to dizzying heels than swimming pool sandals, one can also imagine it worn with white sneakers and a crop top, or a lace cami to highlight its boho vein. (Mara Hoffman model.)

Transit is an Italian brand associating a tailoring spirit with the aesthetic of a nihilist poet under Prozac. With a strong emphasis on materials, it here blends hemp with cotton… and metal for a unique fit. The little extra? The stripes resembling those of an escaped prisoner from the 50’s. (Transit model.)

Play it virginal beauty in a immaculate white dress, skillfully opened on pretty legs. The traditional silhouette is modernised by the two slits and the subtle neckline. Add a corset belt on the already marked waist for an even more powerful look. (Kitz model.)

Maison Michel canotier. Protect your perfect skin from UV rays. Also works for unexpected hair loss. •

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