#16 — Bigger than Jesus

20 August 2018 | Posted by Zackary

Last month, I had a drink with a friend who was happy to tell me all about her program for August. From the countryside of Martinique to the Gorges du Vercors, everything suggested that she believed she was an estrogen version of Mike Horn… Between two sips of Spritz, getting lost in her explanations, she exclaimed as if it were the million-dollar question: “by the way, what the hell is August 15?”

Commemorating the Assumption, meaning the ascent to heaven of the Virgin Mary, it has become a holiday like any other. “Today, we’re bigger than Jesus,” said John Lennon in 1966… but is God as great today?

As the Hollywood gotha rushes to the Metropolitan Museum gala, opening an exhibition dedicated to the powerful links between religion and fashion, what heritage has Christianity left to our wardrobe? In what way are its dogmatic values, whether one adheres to them or not, still perpetuated by today’s youth? What are his modern substitutes worth?

In nomine Patris, et Filii, et ZACKARIUM santi. •


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