The verdict is in. After a long series of several weeks, Booba and Kaaris (two French rappers, editor's note) were released from detention pending trial early next month. At the same time, the controversy over the Benalla case is still stirring public opinion. In the midst of flashes about forest fires and the usual documentaries about the unknown hell of beach merchants, the prison has thus occupied an important part of the summer news.

But what place does it hold in our culture? A controversial subject, it never ceases to intrigue and fascinate. Like 99,9% of Netflix subscribers, you’ve probably already finished the last season of Orange Is The New Black season. While the United States alone accounts for 25% of the world’s prison population, isn't its influence on our environment inevitable?

How is fashion inspired by inmates? What place does it leave them? What marks do the cells leave on their former occupants?

Does anyone have any hooch...?•

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