The time for coming out has come (not the one you’re thinking of, it’s no longer a secret to anyone). To hell with the laughter of my peers, fingers pointed at the entrance of the shows, those who will take me for an altermondialist supporting Nicolas Hulot (former French Minister of the Ecological Transition, editor’s note). What’s the point of keeping my fight quiet? My friends, I am now a strong advocate for the protection of the oceans — in theory only, don’t expect me to stick around in any group of volunteers without a sense of style.

To what do we owe this recent commitment, you might ask? Of course, I was already familiar with whaling, the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef and the melting of the ice, but since I can’t swim, there was no real reason for me to feel concerned. I also knew that islands of garbage were forming in the open sea, that some even talked about a continent, but well, it’s in the middle of nowhere. However, I was unaware of the extent of plastic ravages on ocean wildlife. Did you know that its particles cause a form of stress to oysters… that alters the beauty of the pearls produced? No, I’m not ready to wear deformed jewels. Fighting for recycling means (also) saving jewellery.

Joking aside, as the conscious wave floods our society, how does it find its place in fashion? Who are the creators combining style and ethics? Is dressing responsibly necessarily a matter of budget?

I dedicate this issue to all my future gems… •

Hugh Hefner's and Donatella Versace's lovechild, I am the visible half of the duo behind ZACKARIUM. In love with fashion since I was in short pants, my mission is to guide you smoothly through the jungle of brands and catwalks.