Ethical fashion still sometimes suffers from a negative image. If there is little to complain regarding its commitments, other than the possible risk of green washing, it is above all its sense of style that is lacking. Many brands are rushing into this market, but tend to limit themselves to basics, or are moving towards an outdoor vibe à la Patagonia.

In the trendy genre, we all know the indestructible popess of conscious fashion, Stella McCartney. There was also EDUN, a real gem combining a refined look and African craftsmanship, always at the right price, sadly dropped by LVMH in 2018. Yet, more and more designers are reinventing the responsible wardrobe with a single motto: sustainability is the new luxury.

Who are these creators under the Planet banner? As the offer for women increases, what choice do men have left? Is there a unisex alternative? Let’s take a look around.

AMUR, the ethical elegance

(© Luxiders)

AMUR : A Mindful Use of Resources. The brand therefore carries its DNA right down to its name, and distills it elegantly in its clothes. It relies on three pillars: a responsible supply of materials, selecting factories with the best working conditions, and designing bold pieces that you will want to keep for a long time.

Bright colours, original prints and sophisticated cuts, its designer Sofia Shannon stands out for her attention to detail and her eye for style.

Our little favorite: the Jax jumpsuit.

Raeburn this way

(© Christopher Raeburn)

Undoubtedly the best known of this list, Christopher Raeburn remains one of the few to work for a responsible fashion thought out for men. His philosophy? Remade, Recycled, Reduced. No all-round production; each piece is cut and assembled in England, in very a limited edition.

In 2010, he launched the RAEBURN REMADE line. Focused on a military aesthetic and the use of army surplus, it is aimed at both men and women. Without renouncing in any way the exclusivity of luxury, custom-made is also possible.

Our little favorite: the “Russian Blanket” sweatshirt, in both menswear and womenswear.

Sweet Rêve En Vert

(© Rêve En Vert)

Unique in its kind, Rêve En Vert (french for “Dream in Green”, editor’s note) is a concept store dedicated to a luxury that is both ethical and affordable. From organic clothing to cruelty free make-up, natural bath salts and porcelain mugs, it provides a complete offer, some of which are within reach of even the smallest budgets.

As a bonus, the e-shop has a whole range of unisex brands.

Our little favorite: the XXL cashmere scarf.

Noah‘s arch

(© Noah)

Don’t be surprised if you feel a slight feeling of déjà vu at Noah‘s: the brand was founded by a former member of the Supreme team. The atmosphere is therefore quite about the same, taking on a streetwear that plays on the codes of skate culture and flirts with punk music, opting for an accent a little more preppy than its older sister.

As soon as you’ll land on the website, you will come across a video of Martin Luther King’s I have a dream, announcing the label’s political tone. Beyond the manufacturing conditions, which are not very worrying with Italian and Canadian factories, it is also involved with charitable associations. When the hype mixes with consciousness, one can only approve.

Our little favorite: the Skull Wreath board, available both in green and white.

Haeckels for glowing

(© Darcie Imbert)

You can’t really go for an ethical wardrobe without changing your beauty routine along the way. Whether we speak of the environment, or of our own body, we know that some substances in cosmetics are worse than poison. This is where Haeckels comes in, with its products made almost exclusively of natural materials. Its star ingredient? The seaweed it finds just a stone’s throw from its factory on the Channel coast.

While it is often difficult to know what is in our anti-aging serum, the brand shows a transparency that is rare in this industry. For each reference, small pictograms will help you to make your choice.

Our little favorite: the Eco Marine facial cream.

In any case, the days when sustainable fashion was simply limited to fair trade organic cotton underwear are over. What if we made a small gesture for the world while enjoying ourselves? •

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