Conscious fashion can too often seem elitist, whether we talk about the Vegan Fashion Week or designers who brilliantly combine luxury and ethics“Dressing with care for the environment is a rich person’s problem”, some would even say. This is not totally false, nor is it entirely true.

In general, for vegan items with character and quality, you will need to put some money in: nature is well made by definition, imitating it is logically expensive.

On the other hand, the situation changes when brands focus on ecology and people — which fortunately does not prevent them from adopting an intelligent approach towards animal fabrics. In other words, you can take care of the Earth and your style without wrecking your bank account. Take a look at this less-than-100€ pieces for proof…

H&M Conscious, the giant’s sustainable line

H&M Conscious could be accused of green washing, probably rightly so. After all, having an eco-responsible line is not enough to buy back all the excesses of the fast-fashion leader. That said, the size of its infrastructure gives it a major advantage: offering an extremely large collection, mainly composed of basics, for a small amount of money (there are also a few more elaborate pieces). They won’t last you ten years, but at that price, we don’t ask them to do that.

H&M Conscious tee-shirt — 6,99 €.
H&M Conscious skinny jeans — 39,99 €.
H&M Conscious “Girlfriend” jeans — 39,99 €.
H&M Conscious lyocel dress — 79,99 €.

Finisterre, born on the sea

A little like Patagonia, outdoor is anchored in Finisterre‘s identity. Created to provide adequate equipment for surfers on the Channel waves, the brand’s ecological commitment allows it to reach a wider audience, and has recently earned it the B Corp certification (attests to the extent of a company’s efforts to respect the environment and people, editor’s note).

In terms of design, you won’t find many frills there: the label strives to create functional clothes above all. If some pieces are a little too “first degree” for your everyday outfits, others will succeed in fitting perfectly into workwear outfits.

Finisterre denim and Kevlar jeans. Yes, yes, the material of bulletproof vests. – approx. 92 € (on sale).
Finisterre corduroy dress — approx. 105 €.

The Reformation, pearl of the Instagirls

A favourite of Emily Ratajkowski‘s, The Reformation surprises with its ability to blend a holistic philosophy with a sensual look. The brand places particular emphasis on recycling and the reuse of old fabric rolls. It offers a complete wardrobe, from underwear to dresses and handbags, for prices from $12 to $500. As a bonus, a Bridal line is also available.

The Reformation “Joplin” tencel top  — approx. 25 €.
The Reformation “Blaire” leopard print top — approx. 51 €.
The Revolution “Sammi” modal dress — approx. 86 €.

Refocusing with Satta

In Sanskrit, Satta means “existence”. Rather streetwear-oriented, the brand draws its inspiration from nature and even manages to rehabilitate the hippy hemp sweater. Its collections go beyond clothing to become part of a lifestyle in its own right, where you’d burn sage to purify your room before putting on your sweatshirt. An interesting universe, which we would like to see developed further.

Satta “Almond Milk” shirt — 95 € (in sale).
Satta “Geo” incense holder — 29 €.

MADE (in Kenya)

Like a crow, I love everything that shines. Regarding jewels, the ethical revolution is gradually taking place, following the example of Lark and Berry and their responsible diamonds. However, it is more difficult to adopt good practices in entry-level jewellery — junk is wrong. Among the few actors trying to shake up this sector, MADE, which provides pieces handmade in Kenya, with a fair remuneration of women workers. Perfect for a pair of earrings that stand out from the crowd.

MADE “Long V” earrings — approx. 16 € (in sale).

As you will have noted, this selection is less risqué than usual. Even if ethical brands are multiplying, they are not yet numerous enough to provide a total plurality of styles in all ranges. However, with a little effort, it is not difficult to find a few pieces — if only this good old white tee-shirt… •

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