We are entering the last week of the sales, a period some love more than others…

How many of you have already found themselves hanging around in the “new collection” area, instead of quietly staying in the corner of the store that looks like my apartment the day after a party? On the other hand, there are those who would not miss this opportunity for anything in the world, but won’t admit it even under torture. After all, why satisfy your colleague who drools in front of your jacket like on his Tupperware at noon? Finally, there are those who, consumed by the guilt of their addiction to bags, will claim to anyone who will listen that “oh this, it’s just a knickknack found in an outlet”.

Let’s be honest: if we love to fill our wardrobes, no one really likes going to the sales. Yet, they still are one of the best ways to get recent designer pieces, without paying the indecent margins they impose on us — and which we accept as poor victims. It’s time for revenge…

While the sweatshirt is everywhere, it is nice to see some unusual interpretations. Where its print gives it an irreverent look, the zipped sleeves of this Faith Connection model allow you to vary the ways you wear it. Easy to pair with jeans or sweatpants, we can perfectly imagine it over tartan trousers to enhance its punk vein to its fullest. (338 € instead of 675 €.)

If there is one thing for which JACQUEMUS is recognize, it is his mastery of asymmetrical cuts with a strong femininity. True to his reputation, he does not disappoint on this wool and cashmere knit skirt, whose material is the perfect excuse to wear it in winter, despite its slit that will turn more than one head. (190 € instead of 380 €.)

Under their slightly polished appearance, white pants are a formidable ally. Working like a blank canvas, they instantly let the other elements of your outfit reveal their full potential without overshadowing them, while retaining an ounce of sophistication of their own. For a more modern look, opt for the 7/8th length that will highlight your ankles and shoes, just like Comme des Garçons Shirt. (134 € instead of 335 €.)

Speaking of ankles, we have our eyes set on this pair of VETEMENTS x Reebok socks, whether we wear it with rolled up jeans or a skirt and Converse. (45 € instead of 90 €.)

In the same vein, they also exist in sneakers… (207 € instead of 690 €.)

For several months now, fluorescent yellow and all the other shades of Stabilo have been gaining in popularity. While it tended to be limited to streetwear, only Prada could rehabilitate it in an elegant version. (390€ instead of 1300 €.)

YOOX, the e-shop on which this pair is available, is an outlet: almost all the pieces they offer come from old collections, always offered at a base-price already below the one in the shop. Imagine what it can do during the sales. Margiela boots for 210 €, for example…

On the jewellery side, we’re falling for this earring from the New-York house Proenza Schouler. A raw and androgynous piece, with character, which is amply self-sufficient. (142 € instead of 285 €.)

There are no decent sales-going without passing through the leather goods square. With its camouflage pattern revisited through subtle skulls, this Alexander McQueen pouch will easily slide from one style to another. Chic but badass, without ruining yourself. (265 € instead of 379 €.)

Versace ball, 39 € instead of 79 €. It is never too early to start preparing your Christmas tree… •

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