When talking about punk music, the first names that come to mind are usually the Ramones, the Sex Pistols and The Clash, but have you heard of Camera Silens? Originally from Bordeaux, the group makes a lot of headlines when its singer joins a group of robbers and attacks a Brink’s, swiping 11.7 million francs — much more lucrative than all his tours in Gironde.

The electric-guitar bandit didn’t get caught. He could have been thought to have fled to a Pacific island, hidden in a palace in Abu Dhabi or an opulent fortress in China, but the truth is less appealing. In his recently published autobiography, he tells of his escape to Spain… where he ran a vinyl store. A lot of effort for not much, but I guess that must be what we call the punk spirit: discs over diamonds…

Yet, this movement is one of the most fundamental of contemporary fashion. How has it changed our perception of creation and approach towards clothing? While its aesthetics seem inseparable from London, how do French brands reinterpret it? What pieces to adopt to boost your style? How to integrate them into your looks?

Put your Dr Martens on… •

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