Clear Fashion, the app that defines brands' ethical score

08 October 2019 | Posted by Zackary

Have you ever heard of Yuka, that little application that my most annoying friends make a pleasure of pulling out at every party? The principle is simple: scan the barcode from just about any food package, and you will know its nutritional score. In other words, the enemy of anyone trying to convince himself that a raspberry cheesecake counts as a portion of fruit.

Following the same approach, Clear Fashion is tackling the labels on our clothes. In an industry that is still too opaque, known to be the second most polluting in the world, two French women entrepreneurs have set out to bring more transparency to fashion. Their system is based on four criteria: environment, humans, health and animals. It is thus able to decode the toxicity of pigments, evaluate working conditions, waste management, the quantity of water used, or even animal cruelty.

To date, the app has a repertoire of just under 80 brands, including fast-fashion mastodons like H&M and Uniqlo, names such as Maje or The Kooples, and luxury houses à la Chanel and Vuitton. For its launch, Levi's, Sandro and about twenty other labels lent a hand despite scores that may leave a lot to be desired. Proof that this type of initiative leads consumers to buy more responsibly, as well as it pushes companies to improve their production methods. In any case, we are looking forward to seeing it develop... •

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