#12 — Mirror, mirror on the wall...

16 July 2018 | Posted by Zackary

In ancient times, narcissism is a nasty flaw, which leads a mythological hunk to literally drown in his reflection. For God and the Bible, this is the path to the most important of all sins: pride.

In another book — The Culture of Narcissism, written in the 1970s — the American historian Christopher Lasch takes an interest in its normalization in our society. According to him, the blame is on the baby boomers who, after the end of the Second World War, embark on a race for possession and appearance.

Since then, the Internet has arrived. With the advent of the web, everyone dreams more than ever of being the centre of the world. Posting selfies on social networks has become a profession in its own right, rather lucrative actually, while the number of "likes" collected serves as a barometer of self-esteem.

Would what was once a fault have become a quality today? How do our icons exploit their own vanity? What effect does it have on the public? How about when art gets involved?

Maybe we'll find out what really happened to that poor Narcissus... •


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