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26 July 2019 | Posted by Zackary

There are two main approaches to buying a swimsuit. The first is to think that it will spend most of his time underwater, and will be worn out by sand, salt or chlorine anyway. So why invest in more than one or two H&M shorts at €10? When a simple look at Asos allows us to find more than 4,200 models for less than €25, the e-shop Missguided even goes so far as to offer bikinis for £1.

On the other hand, many consider the choice of their swimsuit to be decisive. It is now enriched by a multitude of innovative features: UV protection system, water repellency, push-up effect, and even a Bluetooth device that reminds us to apply sunscreen at regular intervals...

All in all, besides quality, the main criterion is often design. A unique piece, that could almost be classified as underwear, it nevertheless becomes an outfit on its own once at the water's edge. So where can we find a model that stands out, without necessarily spending half of our holiday budget on it?

Okay, Ookioh!

(© Ookioh)

Despite the growing interest in sustainable fashion, we actually hear little about eco-friendly bathing suits. Based in the United States, the label Ookioh seems determined to address the issue. It logically focuses its efforts on protecting the oceans, using recyclable materials created from old fishing nets, for almost 80% of its production. Similarly, it only chooses non-toxic dyes.

In terms of style, the range is certainly not very wide, but remains balanced. At the unique price of $98, the jerseys are carefully crafted in bright colors, without damaging the sea they will dive into.

Our little favorites

Live from the Atalaye 

(© Atalaye)

In Basque, « Atalaye » refers to the rock overlooking the port of Biarritz, a former whale watching post. Like Ookioh, the brand works towards a wiser approach to clothing, this time for men.

The materials used come from Seaqual, a company whose mission is to transform marine waste (glass, plastic, rubber, etc.) into textile fibres. Each model is designed on the same basis — a pair of shorts with drawstrings, neither too long nor too short — which is then declined in several variations. While relying on patterns and details, without forgetting a few solid pieces of rigor, the entire collection is elegant without feeling austere.

Our little favorites

Stars & Striped forever 

(© Solid & Striped)

Solid & Striped's identity is rooted in the seaside: focused on beachwear, the label imagines everything we need on white sand. Tote bags, clothes, hats, as well as a range of sunscreen products (only available in the USA for the moment, editor's note), are added to its offer.

The women's wardrobe impresses by its width, reinforced by several collaborations with trendy labels such as Re/Done. Baby doll or retro look, with elegant or more assertive influences, there is something for everyone. On the men's side, there are shorts of different lengths, sometimes with patterns, whose construction should last several seasons.

Our little favorites

Will you dare?

(© Oséree)

Founded by a duo of Italian friends, who opts for local production, Oséree blows a sulphurous wind on the beach. Its name is inspired by the French « oser », meaning « to dare ». Flirting with the codes of lingerie, each piece is an ode to sensuality. The skin is gracefully revealed between the beaded fringes and the lace hemmed cups, while models adorned with sequins literally ensure you'll shine.

We also like the resort line, combining embroidered kaftans and long sheer dresses to match the swimsuit. The kind of brand that you wear more on a yatch, than at a municipal swimming pool...

Our little favorites

A weekend in New York

(© Saturdays NYC)

When you think of surfing in the United States, it is California, its golden sun and the warm beaches of the Pacific that come first to mind. Yet, the East Coast also has its own board culture, which is at the origin of Saturdays NYC.

First a concept store centered around the love of waves, clothes and coffee, the address has transformed itself over the course of its ten years of existence. Now a reference in casual wear, its wardrobe ranges from costumes to t-shirts, complemented by accessories, shoes and cosmetics. True to its roots, it continues to design a wide range of swimming shorts, with an emphasis on technical materials and impeccable finishes. We would almost be tempted to put on some of them on a daily basis...

Our little favorites

As for me, I promise to learn to swim before the end of the summer... •

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