From Rio to Sao Paulo: the future of Brazilian fashion

24 May 2019 | Posted by Zackary

Second stop on our World Fashion Tour, heading for Latin America... Brazil is not a country that is automatically associated with the notion of style: we think first of its perfectly proportioned bodies, before we even consider the clothes that cover them.

However, Sao Paulo organizes a fashion week every season. Held at the end of April, the last one makes the headlines for Tales Soares: fainting in the middle of the catwalk, the model won't wake up. A sad and morbid picture, taking away the interest from all the shows put together...

Its fashion scene is in full bloom. While luxury houses are establishing themselves as key figures in the local fauna, more confidential brands are relying on niches to ensure their position. We are also witnessing the emergence of a streetwear culture of its own, influenced by Western brands and standards as much as the favelas' heritage.

Get rid of your preconceptions about Havaïanas, we're looking at five labels shaping the future of the Brazilian wardrobe...

Comme La Garçonne

(© À la Garçonne)

Born in Sao Paulo in the early 70s, Alexander Herchcovitch has been sewing since the age of 10. A former member of the New York calendar, he is first known for the collections created under his own name.

In 2016, he meets Fábio Souza, an entrepreneur with a passion for vintage, who has already founded the À La Garçonne brand. Under his aegis, the label he then joins takes a new turn. It is now able to design seasonal collections, while remaining faithful to its original concept: to give a second life to thrift shop clothes, or to cut new ones from old fabrics. Committed to a sustainable approach, it opts for a retro aesthetic in line with its philosophy, imbued with urban references.

Our little favorites

Being in High Company

(© High Company)

If we wanted to give into comparisons, we would say that High Company is a bit like the Brazilian equivalent of Supreme. The label, which relies on a system of capsules in limited edition — even downright reduced — manages to arouse a cult around its brand.

Emblematic of Rio's youth, notes of soccer blend with the skatewear DNA typical of this type of brand. Polo shirts look like sports jerseys, jackets flirt with the coach's uniform... Apart from shoes, it offers a complete wardrobe, including tee-shirts folded into cereal boxes...

Our little favorites

Fifty shades of Egrey

(© Egrey)

Founded in 2011, Egrey is a reference in Brazilian luxury. Aside from trends, it focuses on timeless pieces with a minimalist accent. A light and refined touch, applied to staples one can always rely on.

The influences are almost architectural, expressed by clear lines that enhance the precision of the cuts, elegant and comfortable. Renowned for the quality of its knits, the brand also features a shoe line (exclusively for women, unlike the rest of its propositions), and is now trying its hand at jewellery.

Our little favorites

Osklen in the Amazon

(© Osklen)

Osklen celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Created at a time when sustainable development is still only an idea of alterglobalists burning McDonald's, it commits to limiting its environmental impact from the start. Besides the use of local resources, and its involvement in the maintenance of the Amazonian forest, it stands out for its research for innovation: silk developed from straw, fish leather, organic cotton... The fabrics are at the heart of its thinking.

In terms of style, the brand mixes genres, combining large prints with deeply sober pieces. It stands out in a casual repertoire, which will easily match the other elements of our closet.

Our little favorites

The myth of Tristan and Isolda

(© Isolda)

Isolda presents itself as a tribute to Brazilian culture, dear to its two designers. Prints are an integral part of the brand's identity, with bright colours that reveal their full potential in summer outfits.

Sensual, with an exotic look, each item builds a bridge between tradition and modernity. Swimsuits, light dresses and low-necked tops with frills are the main elements of this wardrobe, unapologetically feminine. Don't expect to find jeans there...

Our little favorites

Without being Brazil's spearhead, its fashion industry still experiences a new scale under the effect of the Internet and social networks. The web as well as fashion weeks are enriched with labels full of talent, which manage to go beyond the Latin American framework for our greatest pleasure — and that of our style... •

Hugh Hefner's and Donatella Versace's love child, I am the visible half of the duo behind ZACKARIUM. Addicted to fashion and to Lucky Strike, my mission is to guide you smoothly through the jungle of brands and catwalks.

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