Christmas: 20 fashion gifts for less than 30 €

18 December 2019 | Posted by Zackary

You know it, I hate the Christmas season. I can't stand to see children movies airing when they should be going to bed. My eardrums bleed every time they hear Mariah Carey sing All I Want for Christmas Is You — easy to say for a multi-millionaire — while dark ideas cross my mind at the mere mention of a decorated tree. As for the next person who dares to tell me "All right, see you next year!", without knowing how difficult it already is for me to bear her in 2019, I cannot be held responsible for her fall under a bus. 

That being said, I know how to put a little water in the wine. Some of you may be looking forward to unpacking their gifts by the fire, after having eaten their weight in turkey. Others may find themselves in the same situation I am in, powerless against the lobby led by Toys'R' Us and Jesus Christ. All in all, don't worry: I'm thinking of you — and my SEO.

Whether you have to be generous at a dinner with friends, at the office party, or for that chubby cousin you call "the brioche" for lack of remembering his first name, we have your back. We've found 20 accessories, cosmetics and fashion gadgets for about 30 euros or less, which, in addition to demonstrating your good taste, will almost make you look like you have a big heart. As for the savings made, we will not judge how you will spend them... 

We love the jewels of Canadian label Vitaly and their unisex design. In our sights, the Ascension ring and its Art Deco inspirations, at 32 €.

Lou Yetu zodiac ring in gold-plated silver, 27 €. For this girlfriend who daily shares her horoscope in her Instagram stories. (12 signs available, larger format at 35 €.)

Useful, modern and affordable, rely on the corduroy cap, which is more versatile than its sportswear consorts. (Galeries Lafayette - 19,99 €. Also available in pink.)

Another alternative: the bucket hat, right in the 90's trend. Here in a water-repellent version, ideal for dressing when it rains. (15,90 € at Zara. Available in several colours.)

A fan of haute couture as well as self-derision, journalist Loïc Prigent compiles the funniest words heard between two shows in Hand me the champagne, I have a frog in my throat. (Éditions Grasset, 16 €)

Give a smile back to your friend who dreams (in vain) of the next Yeezys, with Sneakers: The complete limited editions guide. (21 €)

In 2020, help your loved ones free their hidden thoughts with this Smythson notebook, with a grained leather cover. (20 €)

Besides, what could be better than a set of Paul Smith pencils to put down repressed fantasies on paper? (21 €)

We give in to the geek sirens, we buy this Casio watch for 35 €. If the recipient is used to keep you waiting, you should know that resin models start at 15 €...

Adidas socks embroidered with a Stan Smith, €9.95. It's up to you to fill them with coal. (Available in several colors.)

More preppy than streetwear, the same approach remains valid with this Polo Ralph Lauren pair, adorned with the brand's iconic teddy bear. (15 €)

Speaking of icons, this Calvin Klein keychain revisits one of his most popular campaigns, featuring a young Brooke Shields. (21 €)

He may be handsome, but doesn't have a beautiful skin? Clinique may be able to remedy this... (13,95 €)

The rich have La Mer and La Prairie. The poor will be satisfied with La Neige and its night kit. (30 €)

After the comfort, the effort. Make room for exercise with this camo bra by The Upside, which can also be imagined in an athleisure look. (29 €)

Diptyque "Fig Tree" candle, formidable against the persistent odours of marijuana. (30 €)

Keep bad waves away with these agate crystal coasters. ($10)

Budweiser-inspired Moschino case, which will delight social alcoholics. (24 €)

Yellow is the new black. For 30 €, Dsquared2 dresses the iPads of your entourage.

Loop reinvents the earplug with these golden rings (29 €). Perfect for dancing in front of the sound system on New Year's Eve... •

Hugh Hefner's and Donatella Versace's love child, I am the visible half of the duo behind ZACKARIUM. Addicted to fashion and to Lucky Strike, my mission is to guide you smoothly through the jungle of brands and catwalks.

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