Getting down: the puffy-jacket special selection

13 November 2019 | Posted by Zackary

At first, this article was supposed to be a selection of mid-season jackets. I was going to talk to you about trench coats, leather and trucker jackets, after telling you the details of one of my most wildest benders — I swear there is a connection.

I had already found about ten pieces, was about to start writing, but then realized I didn't have enough cigarettes to last the afternoon. So I grab my credit card, put on my bomber while opening the door, when suddenly the cold slaps me even harder than my mother the day she discovered that I smoke.

Forget about denim jackets and consorts, you definitely need a coat... In this regard, we already announced an important trend revolving around down jackets at the beginning of the year. A phenomenon that has been confirmed with the arrival of the winter collections in stores, rehabilitating this ugly duckling. Far from its unfashionable image, it no longer has much to do with our worst memories, as these 8 models attest. 

A backside photo, so that you can fully appreciate the fit. iets frans, one of Urban Outfitters' brands, reinterprets the down jacket by parting from its quilting, but retains its volume. Cut in a thick corduroy, the material gives it a falsely vintage look, while its beige shade will adapt to any palette. (129 €)

Baum Und Pferdgarten, a Danish label, stands out from its compatriots by its frequent use of colour. A habit that can be found on this model, featuring emerald green yokes. Ideal with a sweatshirt completed with washed jeans, one can also imagine it slipping over a tight jumper and classic tailor pants. It will also move easily towards a man's wardrobe, thanks to its sufficiently loose fit. (144 €)

In a completely different repertoire — in this case, formal — it is more and more accepted to adopt a light, sleeveless down jacket, to be put on before your blazer. Chosen neutral, of a versatile grey, you can match it to the majority of your jackets. Besides, you are free to associate it with an oversized turtleneck that it will fit, or a shirt with a tie. (25,99 €)

Returning to a more urban style with Adidas. Right in athleisure, i.e. the art of looking sporty without ever going to the gym, its cropped cut structures the silhouette, whle its retro look echoes the 80s. The little something extra? Its bright red shade, capable of awakening the dullest look. (125 €)

Stand Studio started by focusing on leather clothing, before expanding to wool and (sometimes fake) fur work. Here, it offers us a down jacket with a woolen collar, whose lines are reminiscent of those of a more traditional coat. At the crossroads of styles, also flirting with a military vibe, we like its hybrid but easy look. As a bonus, it is completely reversible, thus transforming into a sherpa-style overcoat. (325 €)

One coat can hide another... Under this technical parka designed to dress when it rains, the lining is actually a removable down jacket. In other words, two pieces for the price of one, which you can wear together or separately depending on your mood (and the weather). A little sustainable touch: the feathers used actually are "leftovers" from the production of other garments. (99,99 €)

In the family of down jackets that don't look like it, I would like the perfecto! Signed by Diane Von Furstenberg, the label plays on appearances in order to deliver an original version, reinforced by a leopard print. Available in four colours (including three plain ones), it will lend itself to bold looks, or will twist more elegant pieces. It could even have its place in the office, provided that it is accompanied by ultra-sober elements. (332 €)

Slightly camp around the edges, Ground Zero displays a pop aesthetic, with a lot of colours, artistic diversions and references of all kinds. Here, the down jacket turns into a workwear car-inspired one, embellished with badges. A totally unisex model, at 768 €. Enough to make me want to get my driver's license, or finally start saving... •

Hugh Hefner's and Donatella Versace's love child, I am the visible half of the duo behind ZACKARIUM. Addicted to fashion and to Lucky Strike, my mission is to guide you smoothly through the jungle of brands and catwalks.

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