Concept, brands, influencers: what is "modest fashion"?

06 June 2018 | Posted by Zackary

For religious reasons — most often, but not only — many women choose not to show too much skin when dressing. However, once they care about their style, shopping and modesty can quickly prove to be a difficult task. Even more during summer…

Until now, they had to scrutinize clothing racks, scour e-shops or wait for brands to dedicate a capsule collection to them. In short, be patient.

It was in this context that “modest fashion” appeared. Its creed? Modern pieces, trendy, without emphasizing the physical assets of those who wear them.

Of course, there is no single approach, even among the followers of this current. Some will consider the knee as an acceptable length, while others will refrain from short sleeves. In any case, benefiting from specialized brands and influencers is a great step forward for these women, who rediscover the pleasure of expressing themselves through clothing.

Let’s take a look at these little newcomers to the industry…

Brands at the cutting edge of style

Diana Kotb, the journalist who became a creator

After several years in the service of fashion magazines, including Marie Claire AustraliaDiana Kotb is used to quality pieces and sharp designs. No wonder, then, that the same DNA can be found in her brand — one of the most luxurious and accomplished in modest fashion.

Elegant and sophisticated pieces at the same time. (Credits: Diana Kotb.)

Nzinga Knight, from TV to podiums

Nzinga Knight makes a name for herself by becoming the first veiled candidate on Project Runway (a TV show focusing on fashion designers, judged by top models and designers, editor’s note).

The greatest attraction of her label lies in the evening dresses, where one feels her technical education: drapes, yokes and pleats are waiting for you.

A construction particularly elaborated on a modernised evening dress. (Credits: Nzinga Knight)

Mimpikita: the militant dream

 “Mimpikita”: a Malaysian word meaning “dream”, which three sisters have chosen to define their brand. Their ambition? “Breaking the stereotypes around women that keep them from having everything.”…

The brand’s creations, always with a strong place for colours and patterns, can be seen at  London Fashion Week. (Credits: Mimpikita)

Influencers full of ideas

Mélanie: the wise business woman

Through her brand Haute Hijab, the designer proposes a new version of the scarf, in noble materials enhanced with precious details. We’re especially looking at her Instagram, full of look ideas and business advice.




Dina Tokio, the off-roader

Blogger, youtuber, Instagirl… Dina distills her advice wherever she can. On the menu: fashion, make-up, tutorials and lifestyle. A rather complete resource, which goes beyond modest clothing.




Style in spades with Maria Alia

Icon of the New York streets, Maria Alia has so much style that you forget the turban on her head. Or maybe we do want it, actually… •


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