#13 — Copycat!

23 July 2018 | Posted by Zackary

In creation, there is always someone before you. A previous generation that influences you… —Michael Burke, CEO of Louis Vuitton.

Since our earliest childhood, we have been taught that copying is wrong. Perhaps you even belonged to those who, using their binders, erected a wall between their desk and that of their class neighbour…

The idea nestled in our heads to never come out. Judged as intellectual property theft in the worst case, plagiarism is systematically perceived as the absence of any genius. Copying is for the weak.

However, we cannot really define our time as the era of originality. There are countless rappers who use autotune, so much it becomes almost impossible to distinguish them. The designers happily use their rivals’ wardrobes, while Kim Kardashian influences half of the Instagirls… Is copying normal?

Can we appreciate counterfeiting? Can it bear any nobility? What about its author? How does luxury influence ready-to-wear? Does fake kill art?

All right, you can look over my shoulder… •


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