#38 — Fashion World Tour II

20 May 2019 | Posted by Zackary

A bit like the list of my screwed-up dates, the fashion week circle doesn't seem to have an end... Since our issue dedicated to the 2019 Fall-Winter, not to mention our recent detour to Budapest, the runway world has been constantly unveiling new ideas for the coming season.

While we have already told you about the burgeoning scenes in Tbilisi and Lagos, other major cities wish to shine beyond their borders for their sense of style. Sydney, Sao Paulo, Seoul... Each region of the globe has its own set of shows. Add to that the "cruise" collections that punctuate our radars, and we don't really know where to start.

What do the latter really correspond to? Do they have an impact on the overall brand landscape? Who are the Brazilian designers to follow? How do they differ? As the Korean wave takes over society, how is the country strengthening its position in terms of trends? On which pieces to bet to capture its sleek look?

The second edition of our Fashion World Tour begins...


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