Pre-Fall 2020: 7 styling hacks from the new collections

12 December 2019 | Posted by Zackary

Fashion's procession definitely never stops. After the men fashion week last June, haute couture in July, followed by women's ready-to-wear in September, designers are now focusing on Pre-Fall. At this point, some may question its relevance. After all, pre-Fall is just summer... to which almost all brands already devote a collection.

Like Resort, it is a vague moment in the calendar, far from being adopted by all. Fashion shows are fewer, we often give in to the ease and economy of a lookbook. With no defined order, labels reveal their proposals between December and January, for an arrival in shops around June. Made of items designed for a weather that is neither really hot nor totally cold, they will be able to stay on the shelf longer, offsetting the time required to produce the Autumn/Winter collections. 

Far from the splendour of couture, or any dark experimentation, Pre-Fall only has one goal: to collect big money. A perfect blend of the brand's DNA and current trends, it is designed to be Instagramed infinitely, without the slightest difficulty. The most exuberant labels take it easier or abstain completely; the looks are built so that ordinary mortals can instantly see themselves wearing them.

Less complex than the main collections, these are therefore an ideal source of inspiration for an everyday wardrobe. Without further ado, we then copy these 7 ideas seen since the beginning of the (mini) season.

Not all heroes wear capes

Dsquared2 PF 2020 — Dior Homme PF 2020 (© Dsquared2; Isidore Montag for GoRunway)

At first glance, our winter looks can sometimes become redundant, due to the same two or three coats — or even less — that we rely on to cope with the cold. Rarely thought of, why not lean on a cape, which can replace or slide over them depending on the temperature? Whether an XXL wool blanket version, or cut in a technical fabric, it will always bring plumbness to the silhouette, and originality to your outfits. 

Pack it up

Balmain PF 2020 — Coach PF 2020 (© Balmain; Coach)

backpacks, they have been reinterpreted in a multitude of repertoires, which take them away from pure streetwear. In other words, don't hesitate to wear them in different styles, and to make them the touch of bright colour amid more sober shades. By the way, the hanging-through-the-torso option torso is perfectly valid. 

White walkers

3.1 Phillip Lim PF 2020 — Baja East PF 2020 (© 3.1 Phillip Lim; Baja East)

We have already told you about the rebirth of a clean monochrome a few months ago. Devoid of pattern and logo, it relies on layering textured pieces, and displays itself in white in its most literal interpretation. An approach that conveys a form of refinement, as long as you avoid ketchup and coffee like the plague.

Collar clash

Etro PF 2020 — Givenchy PF 2020 (© Etro; Givenchy)

A fitted turtleneck easily fits under an oversized shirt, the combination of the two collars (and cuts) offering an interesting contrast. An idea that can be extended to other clothes, such as a Mao collar shirt coupled with a blazer with wide lapels, or a scarf tied around the neck falling on a collarless jacket. It's up to you, as long as you vary the shapes and create different lines.

Tighten your belt

Proenza Schouler PF 2020 — Balmain PF 2020 (© Proenza Schouler; Balmain)

To anyone with a wool overcoat, fur or sherpa one, or an oversized trench, try marking the waist with a leather belt. You will thus introduce a mismatched touch that, in addition to enriching your choice of materials, will also help to highlight your silhouette. From bling models to vintage cowboy style inspirations, braided items to unadorned buckles, search your drawers...

Office hike

Thom Browne PF 2020 — Givenchy PF 2020 (© Thom Browne; Givenchy)

Gorpcore is a trend consisting in taking inspiration from the mountain wardrobe, explaining the rise of the polar fleece. In the same vein, hiking boots, impressive rubber soles and other strap bags invite themselves into formal-influenced looks. We will here prefer modern items with a sleek look.

Tomber la chemise

Chanel PF 2020 — Dior Homme PF 2020 (© Daniele Oberrauch and Isidore Montag for GoRunway)

We already knew the blazer worn directly on the skin, imbued with seduction and irreverence. The Pre-Fall 2020 takes the counterpoint: the jacket becomes a top in its own right, rather embodying a kind of precious minimalism than the sulphurous character to which it is generally associated. An approach that we will keep for special occasions, even though it can certainly save us some laundry... •

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