Dressing and dance: the shopping inspired by raves

05 April 2019 | Posted by Zackary

A little tired of hanging out down the projects, fashion is currently slumming it on the free parties’ side. For several months now, rave culture has occupied an increasingly important place on our radars, as an invitation to forget our worries by opening the door of our closet.

As a lighter alternative, the trend is giving pride of place to colours and fantasy. More than twenty years after its appearance, it has not lost any of its richness. Beyond the cliché of the partygoer with his dubious choreography, it has always represented a mixture of influences, just like those who compose her. Luxury is as much a part of it as second-hand clothing, to the great delight of brands…

We let our looks joint the party with these 10 pieces, perfect for dancing with style.

A comfortable piece par excellence, the sweatshirt quickly becomes part of the good party guy’s outfit. Far from the usual fleece, Marques’Almeida ennobles it by covering it entirely with sequins, with oversized volumes and a motif that contrast with the precious details. The best part of this? You will shine with a thousand lights under the strobes… (830 € — “I’m broke” version available here.)
It is not uncommon to come across references to Woodstock, tie-and-dye leading the way. Rather than the monochrome option a little too first degree, we opt for the tricolour version, more subtle. If it is hand-dyed like this Stain Shade model, it is even better. (90 €)
In the sweaty heat of a warehouse filled to the edge of the implosion, turning to an outfit without too much fabric will prevent you from fainting — and from being trampled on while you’re at it. In this spirit, we turn to on a good old crop top, already in vogue at the beginning of rave culture. Our favorite: this Versus model, with lion head fasteners. Both flattering and easy to handle, it can be combined with jeans or leggings (150 € — “I’m broke” version available here.)
Speaking of legging, it is better to choose them with a little extra detail. Patterns, fabric, logomania à la Paco Rabanne… It’s up to you, as long as you don’t look like you’re coming out of your gym. (218 €)
In another repertoire, the baggy is also popular for the comfort it provides. Finding its origins in streetwear culture, it will easily move from one context to another, whether you wear it in for a party in the middle of a cornfield, or in the subway in the middle of the day. With this type of piece, the cut is essential to maintain a balanced silhouette. In this matter, Girbaud and its anatomical seams, transcribing the curves of the body in an almost architectural manner, are a solid value. (420 €)
We stay in the streetwear vibe dear to ravers with this windbreaker, again from Versus. We fall for its ultra-coloured patterns between baroque and art deco, which will provoke a psychedelic trip to those who will stare at you for too long. Joking aside, we mainly picture it worn on a full black outfit, which would serve as a neutral canvas letting it fully express itself. (514 €)
If outdoor parties have an undeniable appeal, they can turn into a nightmare when you drown in a flood worthy of Noah. So we protect our hair with this Palm Angels bucket hat, whose nylon will make the water run off. As a bonus, the edges will hide your drawn features at dawn. (120 € — “I’m broke” version available here.)
Discretion having never been our strong suit, we are seriously looking at these Nike Air Max 97. Made of 3M Reflective, it is the assurance of capturing all the light around us. Comfort and excess, combined in one pair. Everyone will be watching you, you better know how to dance…. (180 €)
With this Burberry accessory, you keep the bare minimum around your neck to pay for your water-cut beers. With a little luck, you might even make it look like a backstage pass and pretend that the DJ is your first cousin (180 € — “I’m broke” version available here.)
The Gentle Monster glasses. No one will be able to tell if you’re high. (282 €)

In any case, no need to like techno to boost your style… •

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