#35 — Fashion World Tour

29 April 2019 | Posted by Zackary

Dear friends,

I am delighted to see you again after this week of hiatius, needed to carry out the transformation of our site. We hope that the result will seduce you, and that it will make your afternoons of work discreetly wandering on ZACKARIUM more enjoyable. Otherwise, start a Kickstarter, and pay us a developer who won't work in gratitude for the months spent on my couch.

After days of hearing about tags, modules and a Ruby that is not a gemstone, I have but one desire: to go on vacation, probably like many of you. The only problem? I can't even afford a weekend in Picardy...

Instead of boarding a plane — at this stage, I'll be fine with a carpool — I suggest we explore the style of different countries in a new series: Fashion World Tour, taking you far from Paris, Milan, London and New York. For this first edition, we will first stop in Budapest and its burgeoning talent scene. We will then move on to Danish designers, before spending the money we don't have in Berlin.

The universe is full of brands that are just waiting for us... •


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