Scandi style: 5 Danish labels to know

03 May 2019 | Posted by Zackary

If you happen to look at street-look photos, chances are you have already been introduced to the Copenhagen style... Its fashion week is now the most important event of its kind in Scandinavia. At first discreet, it eventually stands out for its approach: with a keen eye for details and cuts, most Danish designers offer a sharp but easy-to-wear wardrobe, now serving as a barometer for all northern European fashion.

In a country where everyone rides a bike, ease is a key factor. It thus gives birth to a nonchalant aesthetic, often with minimalist influences, sometimes sportswear, characterized by a form of lightness and clean lines.

So, what are the labels that contribute to shaping the Danish fashion scene? We are looking at five of them...

Henrik Vibskov, from Copenhagen to Paris

(© Henrik Vibskov)

Henrik Vibskov has a strong runway heritage. Trained in London at the same school as Galliano and McQueen, he then establishes his studio in Denmark. Noticed by the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode (French fashion council, ed.), he is invited to participate in the Paris fashion week. Although part of the menswear schedule, his shows are the opportunity to discover both his collections for men and women.

Also involved in music and art, creating costumes for living installations, the designer draws a style with multiple references, reflecting his universe. With a strong emphasis on colours and patterns, he uses his traditional technique to revisit the Scandinavian spirit through a contemporary prism.

In addition to a line of fragrances, the label offers an un e-shop a little bit similar to Dover Street Market, with a rich selection of other brands and collaborations.

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Bruuns Bazaar's neat closet

(© Bruuns Bazaar)

Unknown in France, Bruuns Bazaar can nevertheless boast of being the very first Danish label to show in Paris, in 1999 — an experience that has since been abandoned. Quintessential of the Nordic look, its wardrobe focuses on the precision of the cuts, without creating waves in terms of style.

Far from the cycle of trends, it essentially offers timeless pieces, with more fantasy on the women's side. Its affordable prices — around €100 for a sweatshirt, 150 for a dress and just over 300 for a coat — make it a good place to buy effective and well-made clothes.

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ROTATE and its round of dresses


Created less than a year ago, ROTATE has all the characteristics of the brand born in the age of social networks: an artistic direction that one would think had been developed for Instagram, vintage influences and a host of muses, each one cooler than the other. Focusing only on dresses, it makes bold designs its signature, whose precious details redefine the contours of the silhouette — and your number of followers by the way.

Whether you're looking for an original model, yet sober enough for your long days in the open space, or the piece that will capture all the attention at your best friend's birthday, it's hard not to find the right one. The collections are a perfect blend of colours and prints, enhanced by original lines with a sophisticated look. The little something extra? Designed by a duo of women, they are designed to remain comfortable at all times...

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Libertine Libertine, an evolving style

(© Libertine Libertine)

Established in 2009, Libertine Libertine is one of Denmark's most emblematic streetwear labels. However, the brand seems to be maturing as it goes along: the strong influences on the skate culture of its beginnings are now softened amid more elegant notes.

Alternating between Scandinavian rigour and tropical patterns, without abandoning the urban vein that has made it successful, it offers a complete wardrobe. Items with attitude, for all styles and budgets.

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Astrid Andersen: between two universes

(© Astrid Andersen)

Astrid Andersen founds her eponymous label in 2011, with the intention of merging the worlds of luxury and sport. From the ball inspired sweatshirt to the caftan-hoodie hybrid, the designer has a vision of her own, succeeding in synthesizing opposing influences to create an almost unisex wardrobe.

In addition to the men's and women's lines of her own brand, she is also a consultant for Nike, and has been recruited by Fila to develop Fjord's identity (a new range of the equipment manufacturer we were already mentioned here, ed.). Combining elegance and ease, Andersen succeeds in blurring the lines between suit and tracksuit, establishing herself as one of the driving forces of Danish clothing.

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Denmark was best known for its hygge and other interior design trends. It's time to look at his fashion designers... •

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