Maison Orient, the fashion bridge between East and West

02 October 2019 | Posted by Zackary

From Brazil to the countries of the former USSR, the Korean wave and the Danish minimalism, the world is full of brands who are waiting only for our wallets dried up by our socialite alcoholism. That said, unless you have a jet taking off on a shopping trip around the globe — if so, please know that I'm single — these labels still need to have an e-shop or a retailer.

After several years of working for Western designers, whom she helped build a presence in Dubai, Ayse Arel Kulahcioglu has now decided to devote herself to the opposite. With Maison Orient, a platform she launched in the middle of the SS 2020 fashion month , her goal is to promote a little-known craftsmanship to customers in a constant quest for innovation. To date, the website lists around forty talents from Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, and should soon extend to the Asian scene.

Between formal and casual ready-to-wear, shoes, jewelry and accessories, the shop offers a rather complete range, although we would have liked to see it enriched with a menswear section. Yet, the initiative allows us to discover other approaches to garment making, a different vision of style and, above all, to wear pieces that none of your friends have ever seen elsewhere. With prices starting at 80 €, we'd be wrong to deprive ourselves... •

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