Knitwear: 10 sweaters for less than 200 €

14 October 2019 | Posted by Zackary

How far away it seems already, when we could drink fresh rosé in the Tuileries? Goodbye, little shirts, tank tops, crop tops. Farewell, shorts, light dresses, linen pants and inebriation under the sun. I'll see you in a few months... As for Birkenstocks, never come back.

Days are short, the fog sets in, and the rain breaks out without warning on my non-waterproof shoes. Autumn is back and, with it, our stock of sweaters: if it's not yet time for wool capes, lightweight models are essential to our current looks.

Cut, texture, graphic patterns... The choice is wide. To this end, we have prepared you a 100% knitwear selection, at less than 200 € — let us not forget those whose bank account has still not recovered from August.

A classic, the striped jersey lends itself to all styles. Whether worn with jeans or jogpants, a perfecto or a blazer, it will fit into any look without difficulty. Slightly oversized, it can also be combined with high waist trousers, so as to mark the waist and play on volumes. The little extra: its golden buttons, which bring depth to the item. (39,95 € — also available in white with navy blue stripes.)

By Malene Birger has made a name for itself thanks to its timeless style: silk blouses, candid skirts and tailoring pieces make up the Danish label's wardrobe. A refined spirit that can be found on this ribbed top, whose texture prevents it from looking a little simplistic otherwise. The camel tone will be perfect complemented with earth shades for an autumnal look up to the colours, or white pants and an XXL trench coat for a cocoon vibe. (58 € in sales)

Same palette, different atmosphere with this Federico Curradi piece. The Italian designer imagines a sweater worn to the core — literally — with a frayed collar and rolling wrists. Cut in a linen knit, the material crumples more easily and has slight roughness, giving more authenticity to the garment. Avoid slipping it into formal outfits, own its rebellious side. (142 € in sales)

As soon as the mercury drops below 20°, humanity splits into two categories. On one hand, those who decide to spend the next few months in oversized looks, thus hiding their addiction to winter comfort food. On the other hand, those who continue to flood our Instagram feed with their intense workouts. If you belong to the second, this STAUD top is a good option: you'll protect yourself behind the turtleneck, while displaying your abs innocently. (77 € in sales)

Speaking of turtlenecks, here's an immaculate cotton version signed by Kitsuné. A neutral piece par excellence, with a cut evoking a form of elegance, it will fit with absolutely everything. Sort of a blank canvas, it can be interesting to combine it with more daring elements, which it will subtly link without shading them. (110 €)

Minimalist in nature, Theory embodies a closet without frills, where cut and material constitute the ultimate diptych. In this vein, it delivers this jumper yet rich in detail, whose different knitting stitches show the care taken in its manufacture. Its discreet refinement will fully expressed itself among smart pieces, although one also imagine it in a more relaxed style. If it's cashmere, it's even better... (82 € in sales)

Revisiting the traditional cable knit, J. Crew enhances it with vertical stripes that elongate the silhouette. Wear it with a shirt and chinos to pretend spending your weekends in the Hamptons, or twist it with vintage jeans. (100 €)

Well, I admit this mini bustier won't keep you warm. That said, at least it has the merit of emphasizing the silhouette, allowing plenty of layering possibilities. In any case, don't forget to take a jacket... •

Hugh Hefner's and Donatella Versace's love child, I am the visible half of the duo behind ZACKARIUM. Addicted to fashion and to Lucky Strike, my mission is to guide you smoothly through the jungle of brands and catwalks.

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