#42 — On sale!

08 July 2019 | Posted by Zackary

Ah, summer... Days get longer, clothes get shorter, and our tolerance for alcohol miraculously grows. Every year at the same time, we only have three things left on our minds: stop working, drink cheap rosé wine drowned in ice cubes, and then get laid. Well, not necessarily in that order...

If the increase in our libido may not always meet the expected response, there is fortunately one ritual that is typical of July, which is incapable of failing us — provided that you do not consider expenses as a criterion of reliability. We are not talking about holidays, which we will talk about soon, but the sacrosanct sales.

Given the number of offers available at all times, one could probably doubt their relevance sometimes. Yet, this time period has the advantage of providing generalized discounts, with a higher rate than the average found the rest of the time. In other words, enough to reassure yourself when you receive your account statement.

So, on which sites should we run to dig our overdraft? What are the good deals not to be missed? Luxury items to be captured once their margins have been truncated? 

Get ready for a special shopping issue...


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