#40 — Working on some rest

10 June 2019 | Posted by Zackary

Ah, public holidays! I remember with nostalgia the glorious time I used to wait for them like the return of Jesus, divine breaks in the midst of hard weeks of labor. Since then, I've branched out on my own, and said goodbye to them at the same time as to my social life...

Even if I admit that I envy my roommate and his 72-hour weekend, which allowed him to get drunk three nights in a row, I hope that this Whit Monday is synonymous with rest for you too. Otherwise, if you had to drag your tired body into a half-empty subway this morning, don't worry, we're here to help you relax — and make your TO DO list even more delayed by the way.

At a time when well-being is becoming a real trend in society, what influence does it have on our wardrobe? What is the role of "lifestyle brands"? Who are the labels that manage to combine style, health and spirituality? Which travel bags should we choose for a short getaway?

This issue is dedicated to all those working today... •


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