#43 — Summertime happiness

22 July 2019 | Posted by Zackary

After a few weeks far too short, the heat wave and its Birkenstock pairs are making a comeback. Most people then give up any sense of style, in the vain hope of not being so hot. Fifteen minutes of metro equals two hours of spa (less comfortable, but free), and swarms of tourists available from 4pm take our precious terrace seats without permission.

With 42°C expected in Paris on Thursday, I almost wonder if Satan has not opened the gates of hell to come and collect my soul. With any luck, he'll at least wait for my return from vacation... Facing the temperatures, remember that August is not far away: think of the imminent break of your holidays or, if not, the peace and quiet brought by the absence of others.

Unless you'll be traveling into a station wagon with a roof box, what items should you focus on? Which shoes to choose? What are the swimwear labels making us stand out on the sand?

In any case, we'll talk about detox in September...


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