#11 — Gender confusion

09 July 2018 | Posted by Zackary

India is one of the only states in the world to legally recognize the existence of a third sex. Where European laws become more flexible when it comes to intersexuality (being born with both male and female characteristics, ed.), the country does not need biology in order to rely on a spiritual vision.

As soon as monotheism becomes the norm, the world is based on a strict distinction between women and men — certainly already present before, but leaving room for alternatives. Nevertheless, millennials now seem to want to change the situation. Gender is to be distinguished from sex, chromosomes have only a power of physical determination. The gender fluid movement, refusing and advocating against the traditional binarity of genders, is growing more and more. Widely concerned by these issues, the transgender community is also undergoing a small revolution... 

So how does this phenomenon affect fashion? Is it simply a trend, or is it a stream in its own right? How does it infiltrate our daily lives? The little screen? Can it influence art?

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