H&M and Ikea: two giants and recycled textiles

11 November 2019 | Posted by Zackary

Collaboration is in fashion. Countless brands join forces for the duration of a limited edition capsule, courting the public of the other by the way. From Lagerfeld to Moschino, Balmain and Rodarte, H&M is largely experienced in the exercise. Currently in store, you will find the fruit of its work with the haute couture house Giambattista Valli, the latest co-branding to date.

Behind the scenes, the fast-fashion mastodon is preparing another project, this time in partnership with Ikea — all hail Sweden. They are thus teaming up, not for a collection of furniture or clothing, but to conduct a large-scale study on recycled textiles: while the two giants are increasingly using this resource, they are unable to determine what chemicals are present in the fibres upon their arrival. 

Pigments, pesticides, heavy metals, or allergens are some of the elements sought during the 8,000 tests planned. The work will focus on the toxicity of three materials: cotton first, before extending to polyester and wool.

While the study is still ongoing, its sponsors are already saying they want to share the results publicly, in the hope of inspiring the rest of the industry. Far from being irreproachable actors on the environmental level, we nevertheless welcome their initiative to open the debate on this subject, and to start a further step towards a circular approach to fashion.

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