Have a break: 10 bags to escape on the weekend

16 June 2019 | Posted by Zackary

Last week, just like every ones God makes, I spent much more than I should have on alcohol, that friend we can always count on. While I was talking to four other friends who were much less interesting than him, the conversation drifted on to the lottery and its super jackpot — don't ask me why, I have no idea anymore. Then, we wondered what would be the first thing we would offer ourselves if we were to hit the jackpot, taking care to exclude overly pragmatic answers, such as "I pay off my student loan" or "I buy a condo in the heart of Paris".

Your humble servant would rush to a safe and timeless value: a river of diamonds. After all, don't we say that stone is the best investment? Driven by a black Bentley that would change from the Citroën of my last UberPool, I would go to Place Vendôme. Cartier, Van Cleef, Boucheron, Chaumet... I would empty all their champagne bottles before making my choice.

More trivial, another member of the group would spend his fresh fortune on high-end prostitution, and the massive purchase of substances that the law forbids me to mention. As for the last three, their answer is clear: if they had the means, they would travel the world. Faced with my slightly stunned look, one replied, "You don't understand, Zack. Travelling brings you a form of well-being! As soon as I can, even for a weekend only, I leave elsewhere to escape".

I swear to you, though, I understand... but it's all about priority. While eternal jewels are enough for me, others prefer a temporary change of scenery. Which is good, since these 10 bags allow you to slip in just what you need for a 48-hour getaway....

We play it minimalist with Weekday, H&M's little sister with an environmental conscience. In the pure Scandinavian vein, the brand opts for pieces without frills, often in organic materials or, as here, in recycled cotton twill. Its maxi tote-bag shape and navy blue colour lend themselves to all styles, while the tone-on-tone stitching gives it depth preventing it from becoming too dull. Besides, its purpose is not to make your outfit more daring. It fulfils a specific function: carrying your mess without making waves. (54,99 €)

Every time I pack, it's the same problem: I have to find plastic bags to put my shoes in, so they don't stain my clothes. Recognizable for its canvas models, Herschel may well have the solution... Originally from Canada, the brand's ambition is to offer timeless designs whose quality of workmanship challenges the final price. It is distinguished by its attention to detail, like this duffle with its subtle camouflage pattern, and its compartment specially designed to store our shoes. (119 €)

Don't trust his name, Cornelian Taurus is a very Japanese label. Founded by Daisuke Iwanaga in Autumn/Winter 2007, each piece is cut in a luxurious leather full of reflections, hand tanned in the land of the Rising Sun. On this one, we like the braided handle, enhancing a bag with a perfectly harmonious shape. The little something extra? The bronze details, the metal of which is taken from old boats. (1.226 €)

First noticed for its mastery of a typical tailor's accessory (the handkerchief), Fefè now tackles the entire closet, infusing its Neapolitan approach into clothing and leather goods. Faithful to its beginnings, the label stands out for its use of prints, which it specializes in. Between classicism and fantasy, it creates a piece based on an elegant combination of colours and materials, contrasted by a more contemporary pattern, only visible as you get closer. (364 €)

In 2009, the late Karl Lagerfeld enrolls Lily Allen to lend her features to Coco Cocoon, a line of quilted (and reversible) bags. A decade later, ZARA takes up the look again, which it then combines with the "cosy duvet" inspirations introduced by Margiela twenty years earlier. I mean, at 39.90 €, we're not asking for an original design...

Vivienne Westwood, the ultimate punk pope since the 1970s, is no longer to be introduced. Distilling the spirit of this movement, she uses its iconic tartan to create a leather and nylon 48h, as rebellious as it is refined — perhaps even our favourite from this selection. Logomania lovers, rejoice: the XXL metal orb with a cross on top will leave no doubt about the brand... (715 €)

At first the prerogative of mountaineers, hikers and so on, The North Face has given itself a new lease of life by attracting the favours of streetwear, thanks to its many collaborations with Supreme. In addition, it will be perfectly suited to those fond of a style with a technical accent, in this case enhanced by a waterproof black fabric. Having personally tested it — one of my roommates owns one — you will be surprised at how much it manages to carry besides its apparently average size... (119 €)

Speaking of Supreme, the Sprayground logo itself reflects its visual identity. Having fun openly copying major brands, the label mixes their codes to create almost ironic pieces. Named « Sharkburry », it twists the check of the famous London house, adorned with a shark borrowed from the Givenchy universe. Far from any counterfeiting, the troll is fully assumed. Something to laugh about our frenzy of luxury... (135 €)

At the boarding gate, nothing will say "let me pass, I'm rich" anymore than a mini-trunk. It doesn't matter if it's only worth 135 €, and you can only store one toilet bag and two bathing suits.

When Hermes plays baseball — at nearly 22,000 €, one can always dream. In any case, between a bag and bat, you know my choice is already made... •

Hugh Hefner's and Donatella Versace's love child, I am the visible half of the duo behind ZACKARIUM. Addicted to fashion and to Lucky Strike, my mission is to guide you smoothly through the jungle of brands and catwalks.

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