In the suitcase: the holidays essentials

24 July 2019 | Posted by Zackary

As a kid, I spent countless rides on the back seat, wedged between two suitcases and a bag like a Tetris piece. If I was lucky, they only lasted twenty minutes to get to the airport. Otherwise, all I had to do was be patient, pretend to be able to fasten my seatbelt every time a police car passed by, and beg my father to have lunch in an highway restaurant — a true gastronomic reference in the eyes of a child. 

Once old enough to escape the family supervision, I ran into that of the EasyJet counter hostess. Intransigent on the dimensions of a suitcase already the size of a toilet bag, she becomes formidable if your checked luggage weighs 500g too much. Unless you put on all your clothes at once, or leave some of your stuff on the tarmac, all you can do is spend the equivalent of your ticket for four tee-shirts. 

Make no mistake: I am not advocating minimalism — you should have seen me take the Eurostar as we embark on the Titanic. Yet, I admit that I never wear all the clothes I take with me... So, what are the vacation essentials?

The eternal essential


An item that goes without saying, especially on holiday. If we can now find tee-shirts in all materials and shapes, short, long, even cropped, no one will blame you for sticking to classic proposals. To avoid flat looks, even if simplicity has its perks, rely on accessories: glasses, hats, bandanas, jewellery... Anyway, do not overthink.

Our little favorites

Wide and free

(© Anitya)

A pair of jeans cut from a moderately thick canvas can accompany you for part of the summer. In which case, avoid slim fits : under the effect of heat, they will stick more to your calves than a compression stocking. Better to use a straight one, which will introduce subtle vintage notes.

In a different repertoire, it is also an opportunity to trade denim for softer materials, ideal on oversized pieces: white cotton pants to lean on Mediterranean influences, ecru linen in a more refined vein, or cold wool (with aerated weaving, facilitating breathing, ed.) on special occasions.

Our little favorites

Keeping in short


Shorts are our best ally in order to face the heat wave, without ending up in custody for indecent exposure. A relaxed piece par excellence, it naturally leaves more room for creativity: multi-pocket design in a cargo style, small all-over patterns, animal prints, fringes or asymmetrical details... There are plenty of options, so just have fun.

Combining a scalpel cut and noble materials, some women's pieces rival in elegance. Far from the idleness of the seaside, they will easily lend themselves to a country wedding like the half-dozen that currently pollutes my Instagram flow.

Our little favorites

A dress to dress

(© Los Feliz)

Because it only needs to be put on to get dressed, the dress is a comfortable and practical piece for vacationing. Choose it shirt-inspired for a masculine-feminine look, in XXL tee-shirt mode for a casual one, slim-fitting for an underlined silhouette, or fluid with straps in a 90's style.

Our little favorites

Check that jacket

(© BAPY)

When you'll struggle to close your suitcase, wondering what you can take off, don't part with that little jacket you were right to think about. Whether it's a waterproof one, a trucker one, a cotton bomber or a blazer, it will be useful if the weather turns, in addition to helping to enrich your looks.

We can easily imagine it replaced by a fleece hoodie, or an oversized knitwear to wrap ourselves in.

Our little favorites

Giving the shirt off the back

(© Bare Knuckles)

If everyone only wore tee-shirts, I wouldn't have a job. Avoid me an eternity of welfare support: put on shirts.

All jokes aside, if you can't go wrong with a white one, the season also lends itself to colorful pieces. Classic floral or scarf-style patterns are combined with more abstract prints, while cuts widen and swarms of details invite themselves. The shape of the collar will also play on the DNA of the shirt: wide and supple for maximum nonchalance, thin for a more pronounced elegance, or simply absent in a minimalist spirit. 

Our little favorites

It's in the bag

(© Pinterest)

As for accessories, we need to carry our stuff around for a walk. The fanny pack are all the rage right now: not very big, it above all has the advantage of leaving your hands free. Another alternative is the small cross-body bag, which, often more refined (although it can be found in all styles), fulfills the same function. Not to mention that good old backpack...

Our little favorites

In any case, you are probably thinking that there is no decent holidays without bathing suits — except at a naturist camp. Stay tuned, we will look at it in tomorrow's article... •

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