Ripped jeans and big soles: the 2.0 punk

09 May 2018 | Posted by Zackary

The public transport system is a mess. It’s a bright day, but you’re locked in an office. You have just paid the local resident tax and are already procrastinating at the idea of filing the next form online. Oh and don’t even talk about beach bodies… In short, you are angry and feel the need to show it.

The history of subcultures is intimately linked to the way they dress. One of the most angry being the punks, it is on their side that we will look. Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to dye your hair green, or exchange your blow-dry for a Mohawk : it’s all about playing with the codes of that style. Then, you can adopt some items to spice up your outfits, or play it total look…

jean dechire noir April77
The ripped black jeans is a classic of the kind, which will go as much with a tee or a sweater, as a patterned shirt. The slim fit will flatter almost any figure, and will match any type of shoe. (April 77 models,  man and woman versions )
tee shirt sans manches blanc style
Although originally masculine, this garment can also be used by women — an opportunity to unveil a pretty side boob #freethenipple. The appeal of this tee-shirt lies especially in the lacing at the back, which reminds the Do It Yourself so dear to punks, and is enough to enhance an otherwise basic garment. (Asos)
blouson cuir avec ecussons
Still in the “homemade” spirit — without being, but who will know? — long live the perfecto jacket with badges. On this type of piece, do not look for a perfectly fitted line: the oversized cut will bring a nonchalant touch to your outfit. (Unisex item by Marty and Guy)
chuncky shoes unisexes
When it comes to shoes, black boots are a sure thing. Instead of the eternal Dr Martens, which have become softer, we turn to a pair with a notched sole for a racy look. (Unisex shoes by Underground)
bijoux punk rock
Instead of the traditional safety pins in the lobes of our angry friends, we opt for large chain earrings. Worn on one side only. (Gogo Philip)
sac banane a slogan
The punks used to say “No future”. “All you need is less” is more like it. (FAMT)

Come on, let’s put these Amerindian inspirations and other fringed clothes back in the closet. We know you weren’t at Coachella anyway… •

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