#39 — Close encounters of the third style

27 May 2019 | Posted by Zackary

Last month, the whole world gets excited about what looked like a bright donut: for the very first time, experts manage to photograph a black hole. This news stimulates the imagination, opening new paths to quantum physics — I didn't think I'd use this term when I got up this morning... A few days before, India sends thirty satellites into orbit. In the meantime, Jeff Bezos, Amazon's big boss, presents a plan for a lunar lander that should be ready by 2024. "The moon needs infrastructure," he says (source: The New York Times, ed.).

At about the same time, Avengers' latest opus makes over two billion dollars in the box office in just two weeks, while we eagerly await Stranger Things' third season. Anyway, science fiction has never seemed more popular — and close to our reality — since Apollo 11 in 1969.

So, can it leave its mark on fashion? From dystopic societies to intergalactic conflicts, what trends emerge from its aesthetics? Which pieces should we bet on for a futuristic look? What look to adopt for an alien landing?

I swear, we come in peace... •


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