Ego, music and scandals: the recipe for success?

17 July 2018 | Posted by Zackary

In the self-centered kind, it’s hard to do better than Kanye West. Even if self-congratulation is legion in hip hop, the Chicago rapper undeniably gets the big-headed award.

Considering himself the greatest artist of his generation — “I am Picasso, Walt Disney and Steve Jobs” —he can at least boast of leaving no one indifferent. In fact, it is likely that the Kanye loves Kanye mantra is one of the essential elements of its success. While the last few weeks have been marked by his return in the Billboard, has the theory been confirmed?

From awesome to awkward

In April 2018, Kanye joins Twitter, beginning an uninterrupted stream of statements he refers to as his “real-time written book”. Alternating comparisons between his fortune and Michael Jordan’s, information on his next album and Donald Trump endorsement, he lacks coherence and sows confusion.

His megalomania reaches its peak when he compares slavery to a form of choice. Where the majority is outraged, his fans support him and brandish the artistic expression card“After all, Yeezus is the one who said on TV that Bush didn’t care about African-Americans. It has to be a performance, we’ll figure everything out with his album”. With brio, he arouses craze and theories around a still non-existent project…



“I hate being bipolar, it’s awesome”

For the release of this much-expected opus, he achieves the feat of making the rural state of Wyoming hype. Around an enormous bonfire on a waste ground, for which he “transform private jets into Uber, the great revelation finally takes place…

Regarding reviews, the findings are mixed. Despite its qualities, the album would lack preparation, especially when one knows that the lyrics are written in the two weeks preceding its release online. Without answering his critics, the artist would only scratch the surface of polemics he creates himself. As far as the recognition of its bipolarity is concerned, it would be more of a nose-foot than a real statement. An opinion that the public ignores, mostly preferring to speak of introspection.

Very quickly, Ye reaches the first place of the rankings, allowing Kanye to beat the record of the greatest number of consecutive albums ranked #1. In the process, he produces four other records released a week apart each, three of which also ranks at the top. As for his statements on slavery, at a time when he claims he wants to release 52 albums in 52 weeks, nobody seems to think about it anymore. What if autolatry was actually the key to success? •

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