#10 — Make America Cool Again

02 July 2018 | Posted by Zackary

“We are the New Americana, high on legal marijuana.”, says singer Halsey cheerfully. The face of the United States is undeniably changing. It even becomes rather difficult to ignore it, once you place a former reality TV actor – however rich he may be – at the head of the free world. That said, what does the “novelty” described by the pop artist really consist of? Is it just about joints you can buy with your credit card?

The Great America is a land full of paradox, yet it dictates global trends… In the midst of all this, can it reinvent its institutions? For what purpose? How did a pornstar supplant any other celebrity to impose herself as the ultimate icon of our time? Why has rap, a “black dealer music”, become the most popular genre?

As July 4th approaches, we put our suitcases down for a barbecue at Uncle Sam’s… . •


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