Marijuana, a new fashion trend?

08 August 2019 | Posted by Zackary

In 2014, VOGUE surfs on the wave of the progressive legalization of cannabis in the United States, and publishes an article dealing not with shows, but space cake. It reiterates last year, celebrating April 20 (international day of the magic plant lovers, ed.) with several recipes using marijuana as your grandmother does with tarragon.

While the position of the fashion magazine may surprise, it only follows the habits of its cover girls — from Rihanna rolling on the bald head of her bodyguard, to Lady Gaga lighting a blunt in each scene of her Netflix documentary. So, how trendy has the weed become?

Check, dots and leaves

It all begins in 2012 when Jeremy Scott, pope of kitsch and barbies under acids, collaborates with Adidas. For the occasion, he transforms the German brand’s logo into a cannabis leaf, which he displays on sweaters worn by A$AP Rocky. He becomes the first great designer to make of weed a motif in its own right, before Alexander Wang would follow in his footsteps for his A/H 2016 collection.

Jewellery designer Jacquie Aiche — not “hash” — even makes it one of her emblems, declined season after season on earrings or rings with a candid look. In another vein, the Opening Ceremony store in New York is distributing vapes (a sort of e-cig dedicated to marijuana), while The Weeknd offers its own model on the sidelines of its tour, amidst the t-shirts bearing his face.

Why is ganja so popular in our wardrobes?

(© Jacquie Aiche — W Magazine)

The era of stone chic

Hip hop artists rule the music world. Muses of a whole fringe of creators, their universe has never been so present on the runways… including cannabis.

Yet, the weed movement goes beyond the simple framework of fashion weeks. With the decriminalization that is gaining more and more ground, the taboo around drugs is crumbling like a head of purple haze. The latest example to date is Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada with a perfect son-in-law look, who praises its merits pending its full legalization in October of this year.

Marijuana thus offers itself a change of image. More refined, it is in line with the societal trend towards well-being and relaxation. Infused in oils or creams, it is tending to become a luxury product, so much that associations of aficionados such as the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club are emerging. Meanwhile, the dating site Highly Devoted even offers stoners to find love around a cloud of smoke.

In this context, it was only a matter of time before fashion did what it does best: capturing the elements of a culture to reinterpret them. The days when we only associated joints with three or four men smoking at the bottom of a project tour are definitely long gone. •

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