Fashion fiction: the cosmonaut's street style

25 May 2018 | Posted by Zackary

Man has always wondered about his future — and creators are no exception. While the 1960s see the beginning of the revolution in morals and ready-to-wear, names like Paco Rabanne and André Courrèges already imagine the fashion of tomorrow against the backdrop of Apollo 11.

Their cuts are straighter, the lengths shorter. Leathers are soaked in metallic coatings, when they are not directly replaced by steel plates. White, preferably on PVC, is as immaculate as the veil of the Blessed Virgin. An aesthetic a bit sci-fi on the edges, which we find in films such as Barbarella or 2001: A Space Odyssey.

In the same vein, the latest Balmain fashion show is based on pieces tinged with almost holographic nuances, inspired by “what women would wear in 2050”.

So, like Dr Heywood Floyd, let’s board a shuttle for planet retro-futurism… newer version.

Halfway between the denim and the harrington jackets, we love the cuts on the sleeves. The colour, neither completely blue nor really silver, will flatter a full black outfit by giving it a modern look. Thanks to Yoshio Kubo, you will undoubtedly be the most stylish person on the space station. (Available on the brand’s e-shop“I’m broke” versions here and here)

At Off-White, Virigil Abloh revisits the astronaut suit in a star pattern version, adorned with several yokes. The most? The large central zipper and the drawstrings at the ankles, which allow to modulate the wearing of the piece. For women, we can imagine it worn open on the décolleté, sleeves rolled up, with a large buckle belt and heels as high as the moon. (Available at Off-White“I’m broke” versions here and here.)

At first glance, one would think of a model of “sock sneakers” among many others. However, it is distinguished by its details, including the transparent sole and the way it is integrated into the upper of the shoe. As a bonus, the brand offers a customization option, including the ability to monogrammer your pair. One small step for the man, one big step for your style. (Available at Swear London“I’m broke” versions here and here.)

Even if we all wish we could fly, leave your jetpack dreams aside in favour of a silver backpack. Rectangular in shape, the piece gains in sophistication and rarity, avoiding the usual ovoid design. Leather is even better. (Marsell model available on Farfetch“I’m broke” version here.)

A great exploration of retro-futurism, sunglasses are the accessory that will add the final touch to your look. Alain Mikli here offers a beautiful alliance of materials, on a design that can’t be seen anywhere else… •

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